Saturday, April 6, 2013

March to April

We have a really whirlwind life. I keep thinking someday it will slow down a bit but have the distinct feeling that if it ever does I'll be on my deathbed.
March whizzed by quickly but we managed to make it to the dog park twice. The first time was early March when we met my good friend Becky and her dog "Jake". It was pretty cold but the dogs had a blast. We hadn't been to the new park since it opened. It's hidden away and you have to know where you're going to get there. You travel through a really nice neighborhood and just when you are about to give up finding it, the road turns into a gravel parking lot. Most definitely worth finding.
The dog park is a great place for dogs to run and play while us peeps get to talk with new peeps. During the second trip to the park with a couple of work friends, I met an old man who adopted a beauty from the humane society and brings her to the park every single day. I kick myself for not taking my camera that day. I love those kinds of stories. They stick with me. I sat and talked dogs with him for awhile. A photo would be a forever reminder of that sweet conversation.  Oh well.  
We traveled to Portland and had Easter with the grand kids. We did a lot of laughing and I am continually amazed at what wonderful human beings they are. Sweet, loving, kind, funny and beautiful. We took a nice walk to a bird refuge and later their dad bbq'd an awesome dinner. I made it almost all the way through a whole movie ("Snowwhite and the Huntsman") without falling asleep. We had a beautiful brunch and lovely visit at their Grandma W's house before we traveled home. An awesome way to send March out.
Which brings me to April. Hubby is scheduled for surgery on his hand on the 15th. He has been complaining for almost a year about his thumb hurting and finally went to see an orthopedic doc who says there is no cartilage left in the joint. No motorcycling for us until late June due to recovery time. Guess we'll do a little gardening and maybe some dog training. We took in another dog, "Remi". My pet sitter was moving and we offered our home to "Remi" because she just fits in here.
Last night we met a friend over at our fave Thai restaurant for a late dinner and listened to an awesome band from Portland.
Loving life and all the sweet things in it ...

love, susan


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who lost track of March. Did we even have February?

    Did you take the picture of the moon through the branches? Beautiful.

    I hope you post pictures of Remi soon!

    1. I did take that photo through some kind of flowering tree. The moon has been so beautiful this last week. Pics and story of "Remi" coming soon.

  2. That movie is on now. Finally got to see the beginning. Theron is one of my favorite actresses. I liked her in Prometheus last night.

    Such a lovely moon shot.


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