Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Super Spontaneous Road Trip to Spokane

We headed out this morning with the idea of just cruising up to Yakima and back. Moments later when we got to the stop light and made a quick decision to turn left instead of right, we were Spokane bound.  We haven't been up there for quite a while so it was a really nice Sunday drive.
We stopped for lunch in Sprague at the only little  place to eat in that little town. I was ready to chew my arm off and the hamburgers we ordered were pretty good. Twenty minutes down the road I was ready to crawl in the back seat to sleep til we got to Spokane. Instead, I simply poured another cup of coffee from the thermos.
It was not easy to find a free parking spot in Spokane but we did.  We walked a couple of blocks to get to the river walk. On the way, we stepped into city's transit center to take a potty break. Their transit center is two stories high and gorgeous inside.

It is easy to see why the homeless hang out in and nearby the bus station. The transit center is heated and well cared for. I told Gene there must a strict code enforced regarding begging because we were not approached at all ... very surprising with the number of street peeps. I always wonder if street people's peeps are out there looking for them. They are somebody's sons and daughter, brothers and sisters .... but seem to belong only to each other.
Heading towards the river walk, I noticed these cool runners made from steel or iron.  I don't remember seeing them before but perhaps we didn't walk down this far last time. Spokane is a very interesting city and I would love to go there sometime to spend the night and just take time to see everything.


It has been a good day ...

love, susan

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  1. Such a lovely day makes for a good day. Blue skies, sunshine, and awesome views and good company. Wow. :)

    My camera is dying. Did you get the one you wanted? (fingers crossed)


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