Friday, April 19, 2013

A Different Kind of Week

It's been a different week around the homestead. My hubby had surgery on his thumb Monday which landed him in my lazygirl chair for most of the next five days. The doctor warned that the first 48 hours would be rough, and he wasn't wrong. It was hard to see him struggle to get comfortable but I put up the medication schedule on a dry erase board and placed his pills in a cup so he could simply pop 'em in his mouth and wash 'em down with OJ. Thank goodness I had the foresight to write down the schedule.
So I had a short conversation with a work friend and fellow blogger yesterday about blogging.  I admitted I had really slacked off on my posts and she wondered whether blogging would be crowded about by all the fast social media. I thought about the conversation last night and remembered why I started blogging to begin with.
I have a really bad memory.
Someday my hubby will ask me something about this surgery he had on Monday and I will have forgotten every blasted detail of it.  Except for maybe the hilarious pre-op nurse. She was terrific and definitely chose the right field for work. I love running into people who love their work.
That's why I blog.
Because I don't want to forget the funny little details of my life. And there are lots of them. Obviously I can't write about them all but when I'm in blogging mode, as I go throughout my day I'm always looking for the "gem" that I could write about. 
With my newest job, I've got lots of gems.  I guess it's time to get back to writing them down.
In the meantime, my hubby took a shower yesterday for the first time since Sunday and he was like a new man!
And, oh, I cannot resist posting this pic I snapped while at the surgery center. I'm sure he'll thank me later for plastering it all over the Internet. Haha!
love, susan


  1. Glad to see Mr. Kitty is keeping him comfy!! And offering his companionship. That's all one needs to recover from surgery, a companion cat!

  2. Sympathy and empathy for hubby are in order. Get well at a good pace sir.

    What a great reason to blog. The family can catch up with you and your world when they have the time, which is another plus.

    Such soothing blues. No wonder you chose that particular chair. :)


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