Monday, April 8, 2013

Three is Not a Crowd

Meet "Remi"!  She started hanging at our house a little over a week ago and she is finding her place easily.  Don't ask me what flavor she is ... I was told she is terrier with a little bit of Great Dane but I'd add that perhaps she has a little Jack Russel in her genes and the attitude of a big dog. You should see her hop up on our laps. She may be part kangaroo.
"Remi" is about 1.5 years old and how she came to live with us is just another love story.  Our new pet/house sitter had to move and was looking to re-home her. She would bring her when she came to housesit and we discovered "Remi" got along with our dogs really well and especially our older "Missy", who has been pissed off at us ever since we invited "Abbie" the OCD border collie to live here.  "Remi" is our amends to "Missy".  Did you follow that?  Haha!  Note: if my pet sitter moves to a place where she can have her, she will go back with her. However that all works out is okay with us.
"Remi" loves to play and we've noticed even our staunchy, one-track-mind border collie is learning to let loose and have a little fun instead of always thinking about the next frisbee throwing session. "Remi" brings out the fun in all of us. What a joy!
Our new family member loves to cuddle and she quickly learned to find her place on the bed before the other dogs get on. She forms herself against one of us and never moves a muscle for 8+ hours.  Ah, who wouldn't love the life of a dog!
She's smart too!  I taught her to shake hands in two days. My favorite part of training a dog is watching their little wheels spin. It takes patience and I'm convinced there isn't a dog alive that can't be trained if you have the patience to keep trying. This week we're are going to work on "down/stay".
I love that she has found her spot in the middle. She may be smaller in stature but she is big in attitude and doesn't back down from these head-strong cattle dogs.
There is dog hair everywhere and lots of tails wagging, barking and big smiles. I am truly in dog heaven. Three may not be a crowd but it is certainly enough and unless we move to the country, we're all filled up here. 
Love that!!
love, susan

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  1. What a cute dog! I'm glad you posted the picture with all three gives a good size comparison. When I saw the individual picture of Remi, I thought she was bigger. Must have been her "big dog" attitude showing. :)


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