Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Randomly Written


I woke up happy and grateful today. It's raining and it's all good. I dug out my raincoat last weekend and found my umbrella yesterday. I don't like rain but we need it here right now and it beats snow.
When I was a little girl, we lived in Seattle for two years while my dad went to airplane mechanic school. I loved having an umbrella and was mesmerized by watching the raindrops drip from the edges of it. Funny how some memories are branded in our brains like that.
We have a lovely invitation for dinner at one of my dearest friend's parents' house tomorrow. We're going! I love love love being invited to dinner. We've only spent one T-day in Tri-Cities since we moved here. I'm glad we're going to take it easy and just hang. I'm tired and need rest. Easier said than done. I'm going to make a list of movies to rent and hope for torrential rains to keep us indoors.
My new job is insanely busy. So far, so good. Just learning the ropes and my way around the courthouse. Super nice people. Fast paced. Reminds me of my days in Yuma, Arizona. I get an hour for lunch and since I'm riding the bus to work now, I'll have time to sit and read each day. Going to finish up that book series ("Wicked") my darling daughter-in-law gave me in August. Five hours a week to read will be a super treat!
Well, gotta get moving and get on with my day. Happy day to you wherever you are.
What are your plans for the holiday weekend?  Do tell!

love, susan


  1. Off to Glenva's for T day. To be about 18 or so there so will be a busy day with lots of talking. Back on diet and took off 10 lbs so am feeling very good here now. Have a great day tomorrow and know you are in our thoughts.

  2. I'm so glad that your new job is going well and that you'll have more time to read. I would go truly nuts (more so than I already am) if I couldn't read for fun on a regular basis. How are you liking Wicked?


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