Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back in the Day

We had 60 short and tall trick or treaters last night. I gave out bags of popcorn so I could count how many I had left and do the math (minus the one I ate).

My favorite thing last night was hearing gleefully over and over from the little princesses and Harry Potters, "oh I remember this house, you gave us popcorn last year!" It made me really happy that they liked the popcorn and that they remembered.

I don't remember a whole lot from my childhood but I recall we dressed up and went out into the night to score candy with our pillowcases in hand. We didn't go home until they were at least half full. That was back in the day when moms made popcorn balls and homemade cookies for Halloween.

When my son was little, my mom made elaborate costumes for my sister's kids and he got to wear the hand-me-downs as he was the youngest. They were great costumes and back then I was thin enough that I could wear the bear costume she made for the oldest kid. I secretly loved putting that costume on and driving to my job at the bank. That was back in the day when people actually got dressed up in costume at work and enjoyed the festiveness of it. How many times do you get to see a grizzly bear driving a pickup truck?

I saw a witch or two at my work place yesterday and wish I had worn my "doctor coat" and blingy heart earrings from the party we attended on Saturday night. I went as "Dr. Love" and handed out Hershey Kisses along with prescriptions for hugs, etc. My hubby mohawked his hair in honor of a good friend who wears her hair like that everyday. It was a hoot!

I love it that snagging popcorn from my house is part of somebody's memory now. As I go along in life, I realize that everything we do and say is subject to another's memory. Every interaction I have with others, whether it be human beings or animals, matters.

Be kind always.  

love, susan


  1. I'm glad that you had a fun Halloween. When I was a kid, my favorite house to stop by was the soda house. They always had a huge cooler out with tons of soda. Keep in mind, I was a kid in Phoenix, so any liquid was greatly appreciated!

  2. LOL. This is the best post of my day. Thank you. Now I can tell someone: I almost screamed when I saw a young woman in Whole Food Mkt yesterday. I was horrified. Political correctness fell into place and my politically correct mask covered my true emotions. I touched her arm and said, "Is that a tattoo?" I was so embarrassed because I could not stop staring. Other shoppers looked at us with grins. The young lady said, "No, I'm a zombie." I nearly peed myself. They all burst into laughter. I said, "Gosh, but you look gross." She told me, "That's what I intended."

    An hour later, the cashier behind the one checking me out, looked up and I did a double take. Again, I tried to be nice, and looked away. Curiosity forced me to look again. She shrugged and smiled. My cashier grinned at me, so I said, "Looks like she put her lipstick on while driving." She looked like Baby Jane. I asked her who she was supposed to be. Are you ahead of me? She was the victim of the zombie!

    Sorry for being longwinded but I've been too embarrassed to tell anyone, until now. LOL. I shouldn't feel too bad though, since one customer screamed and left the store. The zombie looked like she'd been scarred for life. Why did I feel the need to touch her? So she wouldn't feel bad? LOL! How could I have forgotten yesterday was Halloween? *sigh* Susan, you do make me think. :D

    1. Oh, aren't those zombies just a scream! They are sooooo scarey!!

  3. We don't get any trick-or-treaters at our place. All of the units in our condo complex can only be accessed by going up stairs. The kids might be game for that, but the parents aren't. :-) They would burn off some candy though, if they went door to door here, that's for sure!


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