Sunday, November 25, 2012

Don't Call Me Lazy Whatever You Do

I'm starting Day 4 of a four-day holiday and it has been good.  Lazy is more how I would describe it except that I hate the word "lazy". My mom used that word  to describe me more than once when I was a kid and I held hold a longtime resentment over the use of the word. It's one word, early in our relationship, I asked my hubby to never say to or about me although he does so with tongue in cheek. I think he is the best equalizer for some of those old emotions I still carry around and I know he loves me enough to call me lazy in a good way, softening the sound of such a judgmental word. He always has his best boyish grin on his face when he says it to me lovingly, as in "won't you make me some pancakes? Don't be so lazy". You will never hear me call others lazy except the cat. Mr. Kitty is the poster child for lazy and would be considered a rock star among his peers. I'm taking lazy lessons from the cat. I think someday I might actually be able to lean into the word and wear it like a badge but I'm not quite there yet.
The day after Thanksgiving, we ventured out to do a little thrift shopping. We laughed in the face of 100's of insane black Friday shoppers at the mall. I found 3 really nice pair of slacks and a couple of turtlenecks at my favorite little thrift store all for $12. It was half-price day. Score! I didn't even try them on there. Lazy? No. For half-price I decided I would just put them back in the donation box I keep handy if they didn't fit. The thrift store is one I support and the money goes to a great cause. After a little shopping, Gene let me take him to lunch at Olive Garden with the generous gift card my co-workers at Hanford gave me on my last day. He enjoyed the eggplant Parmesan and I may actually get him to go back to OG sometime because of it.
We took a semi-annual trip to Blockbuster Video to rent 4 movies. We searched the wall looking for something new but ended up in the middle of the .99 cent movies to find four really great old movies:
  • High Fidelity (one of my favorite John Cusak films)
  • The Departed (This movie lost me several times but I loved it)
  • Fractured (Ryan Gosling is sooooo cute in this, Anthony Hopkins not so much)
  • Fatal Attraction (Gene couldn't remember if he had seen this before)

Watching four movies in 24 hours may be a record for us. I have to tell you that I'm in love with that Lazyboy chair I picked up a couple weekends ago at an estate sale. I fell asleep off and on throughout the movie marathon but not for long.
Yesterday, day 3 of our stay-cation, we ventured out in the afternoon to stretch our legs and get some fresh air. I didn't really want to go but was feeling a bit trapped inside and needed some contact with the outside world.  We headed out to the country to see our friends' new miniature burrows. They tell us that the mini burrow is a freak of nature. I don't know anything about that, they are just the sweetest things with fur.

We came home to eat dinner and resume the lazy position in front of the tube. I slid in another old movie I had on hand ("Money for Nothing" w/John Cusack) but didn't make it to 8:30 before I decided I had to get to bed. Had to rest up for my last day off.
I could get used to being lazy.  Can we just call it something else?
love, susan
P.S.  Saw the above car being towed yesterday. Thought of my dad when I snapped the pic. I'm sure he'll know exactly what model and year it is. All I know is that it was covered in a lot of dust and I'll bet it's worth lots of dollars and many stories.


  1. Haha..can totally identify with this one...I also held a longtime resentment over the use of the word "lazy" against my parents and some elderly relatives who used to judge me all the time ! ..and another thing,just like your husband, I also told my husband very early on, in our marriage what I would not like to hear..I wanted all judgement out of married life and it really helped that he really is non judgmental , I am happy that I did not have to carry some of my past hurts into this relationship..
    We also watch movies in DVD. Do watch "The Help " and "The Descendants " when you have time,
    take care,

    1. Oh, I've seen both those movies you mention and they are definitely good ones. There are lots of older movies my hubby hasn't seen and the truth is that the older we get, the more we forget so watching old movies we've seen is like a totally new experience. Haha!

  2. Totally different experience in my marriage. If you looked up "lazy" in the dictionary, I'm sure my husband's photo would be posted. I used to be the very opposite of lazy but 11 years of living with him has mellowed me to lazy and we get along much better for it. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

    1. Haha! Be proud and lazy. I like it! I'm gonna work on it!!


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