Sunday, November 11, 2012

Random Veteran's Day Thoughts

We woke up to thick fog this morning. I decided to grab my camera so after my Sunday morning shopping spree I could venture towards the river to see if I could shoot something interesting.
<<< ----  Look what I found.             
I have never stopped at our local Veteran's Memorial, which is located on the bank of the mighty Columbia River. But today, there wasn't a soul in the park and something tugged at me to get out of the car.  Ah, peace and quiet.
I could hear the leaves falling.  Have you ever heard leaves falling? I could almost cry thinking about it. It's gotta be really quiet to hear winter's calling card. 
My dad, who is 80 now, was in the United States Navy. I'm not sure he was quite out of high school when he enlisted. He spent time in Korea and helped pick up bloated bodies off the beach. I'm sure he did a whole lot of other things but that's the only part I ever remember. I wish I had listened closer when he talked about his service.  My mind is always stuck in high gear and there is usually a lot of noise in the background and I sometimes find it hard to listen. I'm thinking about you today, dad. And I'm thinking about our friends, Doug and Glen, who served in Vietnam. And thinking about my uncles who have served. And thinking about my friends Sandy and Heather who served in Desert Storm. My cousin Greg, who served in Vietnam. And thinking about those whose names escape me. And those I don't know. In the quiet minutes at the park, I thought of you.    

A little further down the park, I snapped this photo and decided to edit it to gray. It's pretty dreary, huh. 
Do you?

I just want to say thank you to all Veterans who have served or are now serving our country.  
love, susan 

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