Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yeah. No.

I love outside-the-box things. When we were in Seattle on Friday, I snapped this picture quickly as we tried to escape the crowd inside Pike Place Market. I'm not sure where this couple got married, perhaps it was while standing right there, but the fish market was just right inside the opening behind them.  Yeah.  No. But I do love those cowgirl boots!

While at the market, I also passed by two Tibetan monks who were on a corner doing whatever it is Tibetan monks do. I heard a woman ask them, "May I take a photo of you?", to which I heard them reply simultaneously, "Yes".  I was tempted to raise my own camera and steal a shot. But ya know what? Some things just don't seem quite right. I thought buddists were silent and would be camera shy. Yeah.  No. Guess not. What do I know? No offense to any of my buddhist friends. You know I love ya!  

Walking through the market in Seattle is an experience.  There are street musicians, tourists, fish mongers, monks, beggars, and floral arrangers. While I love watching people and could literally sit in one spot and do it all day, I can't stand it when I don't have at least a 12-inch radius of air space around me. My anxiety level hit the roof and I was soooooo happy when my friends suggested we walk down to the pier.  Yeah.

While down at the pier, I noticed a long line of people waiting to get on this funky Ferris wheel that had enclosed seats. It was 75 degrees on Friday and I can't imagine the capsules had air conditioning. The wheel went around very slowly, sort of like a human rotisserie. Yeah.  No.

<------ Here is the original shot of the Ferris wheel before I edited it to look like a 1960's shot.  I think the edited pic looks much better, do you? 

I didn't have space to put the Snoqualmie Falls photo in my blog post yesterday so I'm posting it today because I would just hate to leave it out.  I'm looking forward to going back there someday with Gene after the construction is complete. They are building a recreation area at the bottom of the falls which I think will be super nice. North Bend looks like a neat town to visit, too.

The construction equipment added nothing to this
already too bright photo. Oh well.
Well, that's about all I have on that Seattle trip. I want to go back again sometime with Gene, maybe in October. We haven't been there together before and I think it's time we went.

Enjoy every moment of your day wherever you are.

love, susan 


  1. How I would love to visit the market with you both...It is one of my favorite places.

  2. I love the edited photo! The effects really add to the context and give it extra 'pop.' Love you Mom!


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