Thursday, August 16, 2012

Everything's Peachy

Yellow tomatoes make great snacks!
The office where I spend four 10's a week is like a Farmer's Market this time of year. It's sort of like Christmas in August. I always head to the kitchen first thing in the morning to see what's on top of the microwave, which is where stuff gets placed that people want to share. I work in a very large office and I am never disappointed.

Cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini have started showing up in the kitchen on a regular basis. Lately, I have seen green peppers and a couple of purple rutabagas. Ick. I don't like them. Last week I spotted a couple of lemon cucumbers. Since moving to WA, they are my most favorite discovery. I never knew they existed until about 4 years ago. Makes me wonder what else I'm missing.

Normally, I would take home any zucchinis I could get my hands on but all my nearby co-workers are dieting so my awesome zucchini bread surely won't impress them. As a matter of fact, they may likely throw overripe tomatoes at me if I were to bring fresh homemade zucchini bread. 

I always shred and freeze too much zucchini and end up throwing some out every spring. So, I've decided to leave them for someone else to enjoy. Trouble is, it's hard to give away zucchini this time of year. Seems everyone grows them and brings their excess to the office.

Peaches.  Now there's something I won't leave on the kitchen counter! My cube mate told me she is starting to see "Peaches for Sale" signs out in the country where she lives. She says the first ones are usually those that have fallen and she waits a little longer to buy the ones she uses for canning.

I don't can anything. I just like to eat my peaches right out of the box.  Here's a piece of trivia about me.  I eat my peaches with the skin on!  I like love 'em like that. Plus, I'm kinda lazy and don't like to peel them.

What's in season where you live?

love, susan


  1. Since moving to Michigan, we have become super fond of apples. Not just any apples, honeycrisp apples! The name perfectly describes these jewels. They are crispy, but somehow taste buttery and smooth. Best apples ever. Unfortunately, the super weird spring that we had has ruined most of the Michigan apple crop, so we'll be lucky to get very many this year. Love you!

    1. Apple prices went WAAAAY up this summer, did you notice that? I go through spurts of loving/hating apples. I do love a honeycrisp!!

    2. Super expensive and much smaller than usual. I was reading an article that said Michigan normally produces 23 million bushels of apples. This year, we'll be lucky if we get 3 million bushels. I'm not holding my breath.

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  3. Spawning (i.e., half dead) salmon is all that's in season here right now! And blueberries and raspberries.

  4. BLACKBERRIES...I have made 4 batches of jam..2 frozen and 2 canned. WOW the taste of the frozen berries..hard to describe. My mouth just waters thinking of them and I thought the raspberries was the best. Hard to deside now.

    1. Yeah, that blackberry jam is the bomb! As I sit here, I am wondering why on earth I didn't snag a container of it when I was sitting right in front of it in Port Orford? I wasn't thinking clearly I guess. Dang.

      I have given a couple of containers of raspberry freezer jam away and getting excellent reviews. Gene eats it as often as he can!

      Peaches soon!!!!


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