Thursday, August 9, 2012

Seattle or Bust

I spotted this chipmunk on the
MacKenzie Pass last weekened

Another road trip .....

I'm heading for Seattle tomorrow with a couple of good friends for the day to attend a mutual friend's first art show. While seeing our friend's art display will be epic in nature, I suspect the entire day will be filled with laughter, non-stop talking and adventure.  Eight hours in a vehicle together makes for the perfect coffee shop on wheels.

I haven't been on a road trip without Gene except for a spring trip to Seattle to visit Jane via the bus. I spent that entire trip with headphones stuck in my ears listening to Rob Lowe tell his life story. It was pure bliss.

I have become more than comfortable out on the road. Last weekend, while in Port Orford, Gene and I had breakfast at a sweet little local diner called Paradise Cafe. We visited while eating with a young couple from Phoenix  who were on a long road trip. They had traveled to Canada and were making their way home. They were traveling much like we used to do, only staying in motels when they were road-weary and needed a good, hot shower and a full night's rest. That morning, they were headed to San Fransico by days end. As they were talking, I remembered the many trips Gene and I have taken where we stopped and took showers at a local city pool or YMCA.  This couple had spent the previous night with their tent pitched out on the beach. It's kind of a rare thing these days to talk to people who do that.

Tomorrow we're taking a picnic lunch and a thermos of coffee. The weather in Seattle is forecasted to be clear and 75. How could I be so lucky?

love, susan


  1. I guess that no coffee thing didn't last long!!

    1. Nope, just long enough to go through horrible withdrawl and a few weeks of bliss. One day I was sitting at work and my a$$ was dragging BAD and I thought, "I'll just drink one cup." Haven't thought another minute about quitting again. I felt really really good after the withdrawl so if/when I quit again, I gotta figure out a natural way to get some quick energy.

  2. How was the art show? And do you like any coffee in particular? I can't wait for you to visit us!

    1. The art show was fantastic. I'm a real fan of French Roast and Sumatra. But I also like Yuban right out of the can. I am not a coffee snob, mostly. Hahah!


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