Friday, August 17, 2012

Needful Things 2012

We drove 328+ miles today and I barely got one photo of anything. It wasn't that kind of trip.

Ever since we visited an awesome thrift store in Palouse, WA last year, I have had that thrift shop on my brain. I've been waiting for a chance to go back and today we did it.

What a big disappointment.

I rarely have expectations about anything anymore but I guess once in a while they creep in and today it happened.  We showed up to where "Needful Things" used to be, only to find out they have moved over a block. The store is run by community members and the whole purpose has been to open a senior community center and they've done just that! Yeah for them! I'm truly happy about it.  However, there are some things that lose their charm when they are moved or changed in any way.  Thrift stores and coffee shops. I've seen it dozen of times.

I once frequented a coffee shop in Eagle River, Alaska when I lived there. It's called the Sleepy Dog Cafe. Best coffee ever. Ever. And it was cozy. I use to sit and sip coffee, listen to somebody play guitar and sing, and look at people's dog pics. Perfect place. Busy all the time.  And then they decided to expand.  It was never the same.  I quit going. It lost it's "mo-jo".

The same thing happened to "Needful Things" in Palouse, WA.  When we visited last year, it was this tiny little, cramped space which was being run by an awesome person who knew how to arrange the place to get maximum usage of space. The best part?  She had placed women's jeans in big plastic tubs by size. I had a ball going through the bin and picking out my faves, trying them on and buying a wagon load of em'. I beleive the woman was a genious.

Now, I'm not saying the new store front is awful. It's actually very nice and the a/c was a very attractive feature today since it reached 100 degrees. The problem is that the place was sterile.  I like a thrift store that has some grit. I know that's not everybody's cup of tea but I'm looking for a good deal and if they have to hire people to keep everything clean and dusted, you gotta know the prices are going to suffer.  I did find a super cute pair of casual shoes for $1. They look brand new. I also snagged a very nice shoe rack that was just brought in the door while we were there. The manager didn't even have to put a price tag on it.

"Can you believe they took a ride without us today?"
We visited several thrift stores today from Palouse to Moscow, Idaho and hit a couple in Lewiston on the way home. At the very last stop, I snagged a French press that I had been searching for. Today, Gene found an Atlas for 25 cents but very little else. I also bought several shirts and two pair of jeans, among other little things. Some days one or both us can't seem to find anything that trips our triggers. The fun is in the searching.

Truth is, it's not like I need another material thing in my life. It was just too hot to do anything else. The trip was nice but I'm glad to be home and look forward to hanging out this weekend.

Do you have a favorite establishment that has changed? Did you like the change? 

P.S.  I did enjoy seeing the grapes on the ride home. Aren't they pretty?

love, susan


  1. You found a french press..they are never never at thrift stores...lucky you...YOU know I would have loved to be on this trip...but another day. Love ya..

    1. Nancy, I thought about you everytime we walked into a store! Love ya too!

  2. Mom, was the name of the store really "Needful Things"? I read your blog a few days ago and the name of the thrift store has been gnawing at me. (I hate when that happens.) It finally dawned on me that "Needful Things" is the name of a Steven King novel. Do you think the owners were trying their hand at social commentary when they named the thrift store?

    1. LOL! King's book came to mind immediately. With that name the place should be doing brisk business. :)

    2. Yes, it really is called "Needful Things". I'm quite certain they knew of King's book. I think it's quite clever!

  3. Susan those grapes made me smile! I made grape jelly. My grapes are called bronze muscadines and you know they were the best in Texas just because I grew them. ;)

    You blog still speaks to me. What will you do with the shoes?

    I haven't been a a regular at my favorite book store since my sister passed. I visited recently and I thought I was going to have a panic attack because they have changed things around. The booksellers there know me so I got hellos and hugs and a walk-through. :)

    1. Oh, I wore those shoes one time to work and they may be the most comfortable ones I own!! I love those kind of good buys.

      Oh, shame on those booksellers for changing! :-)

      Isn't it so wonderful to get hugs in the most unlikely places?


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