Monday, August 20, 2012

Travel Lite

Buddy, I can procrastinate like nobody else.  I am leaving on a short trip this week and had planned to have my bag packed on Sunday but something else came up that was far more important, so it's not done yet.

I could be packing right now as I write this but frankly, my dear, I'm not in the mood.

Not in the mood?  Yeah, I'm not.

It's not that I'm not in the mood to travel, I just really don't like the packing part. There's that part about trying to decide what to take. Should I take an extra pair of shoes? Do I need ________(fill in blank)? Can't somebody pack for me?  Please?

Truth is, I tend to overpack.  I'm taking only a carry-on bag so that will help limit my decisions.  I'm pretty sure my kids have a washer/dryer in their place so I have no need to take 5 changes of clothing.  Seriously.

Gene and I traveled to Hawaii a couple winters ago for a week's stay with each of us taking one carry-on. And we had overpacked! What do you need in Hawaii?

Well, I've never been to Michigan but today in the lunchroom a nice lady told me "don't take synthetic clothes".  I think this is likely very good advice and I'm going to heed it. Oh, just the thought of humidity and wearing synthetic underwear ..... can you say ICK?

So I figure since I'm leaving on Thursday morning, I still have two more days to pack that little, itty bitty bag.  It'll all work out. Probably.

The other truth is .... I love being under pressure sometimes. I love having to scramble at the last minute to throw something in a bag and go. See, waiting til the last minute means I will just have to wear what I can throw in the bag. Otherwise, I spend far too much time analyzing if this will match with that, and will my shoes go with it? Anybody who knows me would laugh at that statement.  As if I've ever cared much whether my shoes matched my outfit! I am no fashionista.

Do you travel light or do you take far more than you need?  Do you wait til the last minute to pack? 

love, susan


  1. First, I love the picture of your light alarm. That is pretty hardcore.

    Second, just make sure to bring comfy clothes and walking shoes. I almost always wear the same pair of tennis shoes (no matter what else I'm wearing) because we walk *a lot.* I never considered the idea of limiting the type of fabric that I wear, but it's good advice. On the upside, it's been nice enough for us to have the AC off and windows open.

    I tend to be a pretty light packer, unless I'm going to a conference. If it's a weekend at my mom's a backpack will do, but conferences require my suitcase (although I refuse to check it after it was lost twice on the same trip) because the whole thing is so discombobulating that I refuse to leave any of my comforts at home.

    Can't wait to see you!

    P.S. We do have a washer/dryer.

  2. I am with you. Pack late and fast. Dont got it..dont need it. Underware most important. Toothbrush and comb. You are going for fun fun fun. Have Fun.

    1. And we even have lots of extra (unused) toothbrushes, so even that is optional. :)

  3. **Post Trip Post** Even with a small carry on, I packed just a little too much.

  4. There is a saying something like this: When packing for a trip, lay out all your clothes and all your money, then pack half the amount of clothes and twice the amount of money.

    I used to always pack waaaay too much stuff "just in case" but when I went to Italy for 5 weeks (two years ago) I only packed 2 carry on bags (a rolling carryon, and a tote bag). It also helped limit how much money I spent on souvenirs since I had very little room for bringing stuff home. :-)


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