Tuesday, May 31, 2011


They made it to Michigan.  Ouch.  My heart hurts. Did you know Michigan is 2,180 driving miles away?

Honestly, I didn't even really know where Michigan was on the map until a couple of weeks ago.  And even then, I only glanced at it briefly because ... well ... that's how I roll. If I don't see it, I won't have to think about it. It's kind of like looking to see where Iraq is on the map ... which I did recently. It isn't that I don't care, it's just that I didn't have a real reason to look at the map. Michigan is a lot closer than Iraq. Always looking on the bright side of things, that's me!

The reality has set in. They've gone on to start a new chapter in their lives. That's what our kids are supposed to do. To me, it seems like just another chapter in letting go ... for me. I'll get used to the idea they are just as far away in Michigan as they were in Arizona. Perhaps we will see them just as often.

Amanda's mom lives in Michigan and although I'll admit I am envious, I'm thrilled at the same time that they won't be far from family. We adore Amanda and her mom. And, here's the part I love ... Amanda's mom adores Justin. If you're a mother reading this, you'll know exactly what I mean when I say this rocks my world.

I have been thinking a lot about when I was first married and setting up an apartment and living life. It doesn't seem all that long ago but it's been 30 years. I remember the excitement of moving into a new place and finding my way around a new town. It's exciting and a little scary at first. Discovering new places to eat and finding things to do for fun.

I hope they enjoy every single minute of their new digs and make new friends quickly. 

In the meantime, I'll be looking at my U.S.A. map a little more closely.  And thinking about "J" and Amanda.  

Which reminds me. I heard Amanda call my son "J" while I was in Flagstaff. It made my heart smile.

love, susan


  1. I can see the plans now forming... A trip is in your future...A long trip.

  2. I'm testing your comments.....

  3. Weird Susan, on both mine and your blogs I was able to leave a comment first time I tried today, first push of the send key. That has never happened!

  4. My daughter dated a young man whose mother confided in me that she adored my daughter and hoped her son would be smart enough to marry her. Later, during a time when they were no longer dating, his mother passed away. Two years later, the two of them married, and I think it brought comfort to the family to know his mother would have been thrilled with his choice.

  5. It's hard to have our children so far away, but at the same time, there's such a huge sense of pride in raising them right and seeing them succeed in life. It's good that Amanda's family is close by, and they love your son too. That extra safety net helps us moms to sleep better at night.

    I think a trip to Michigan is in your future too. :)

  6. Thank you everybody for your comments! My "blogger" comments section has not been working the last 3 days so I haven't been able to comment on anybody else's posts. Glad it's working now.

    Yes, I believe I will be making a trip to Michigan some day.


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