Friday, May 27, 2011


We took an impromptu trip to the library last night. They have a magnificent flower, herb and vegetable garden which is raised by volunteers. I was amazed by the number of plants flowering already but then realized it IS the end of May. You can't tell by the weather. It has been cold and gray. We had a lot of wind yesterday but the sun came out and gave us a beautiful afternoon and evening sky.

I have a friend who is in roller derby. She told me they practice two nights a week at the rink which is on the library grounds.  So, I got a two-for-one photo opportunity. Enjoy!

That's my friend, Daidra, on the left. It looks like fun until the coach tells each one of them to drop and then the others have to skate around her. Hopefully. Ouch. I did that last October (fell while skating) and my wrist has never been the same since. I'll leave the skating to younger people. There are just some things a 52 year old should not do.

I love the deep color of this Iris.  I didn't know there were so many varieties at the library garden. What a joy to see them all in one place.
The lupine reminded me of my days of living in Alaska. They grow along the lonely highways and really brighten up the short summer months there.

Do you have a community garden where you live?
love, susan


  1. I know there are some community gardens around here, but I think they are for vegetables. I need to go check them might be different from what I imagine.

    That photo of the deep purple Iris is gorgeous, and the water droplets add to it's beauty. My favorite flowers are tulips, irises, and calla lillies (not sure if I spelled that right), especially in purple tones!

  2. Very nice post, I like the pictures!


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