Friday, May 13, 2011

Black Bird

Oh, how I miss blogging. I'm on the road and just stopped for a few days for my son and his wife's graduation. Really enjoying the new roads we're taking and visiting with old friends.

I finally got warmed up as the weather in Arizona is sunny and dry.  Flagstaff is at 7,000 feet in elevation so even though it's in the low 80's, I got sunburned today while walking to the graduation from the kids' apartment. Feels good to have some color and feel warm again.
I shot this photo at Arches National Park. We drove into a pullout and this raven posed for me.  I think it makes this such a much more interesting picture.

We'll be home soon and while I love traveling, I always love going home.  Until then .... hope wherever you are that you are warm and have sunshine!
love, susan


  1. i miss reading you too!!Be safe.

  2. Wow, Susan! Wish I were your third eye. I can only imagine what I'd see. :) Be safe. Be well. Live life like it's swell!

  3. Congrats to Justin and his wife!!! Glad you are having a good trip. It's nice to go somewhere to thaw out and warm up after a long winter for those of us who actually have winter.


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