Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm a Tornado

Happy Tuesday everybody. This morning I see blue skies poking through yesterday's clouds which brought rain the entire day. 

We were poking through the Sunday paper and found an ad for an upgraded Kodak camera like mine so we took a short road trip out to Hermiston, Oregon to pick one up. My birthday present to myself.

It's still a point and shoot but the lense has 26X Optical Zoom where my other camera, which now belongs to Gene, has 10X zoom. It's a little hunkier, hence easier to hold, and although all the buttons look much the same, the telephoto button is in a way more convenient place on the body and I'm totally happy about that. I will miss my old camera but luckily it's not going far. I know Gene will be so happy to have his own camera.

On another note, I took a trip to the grocery store yesterday morning and while putting my groceries in the car, I was chatting with a guy about our weather. Admittedly, we complained a little but then he said, "oh, we shouldn't complain ... what about those folks in Joplin, Missouri?"  Talk about putting things in perspective. I was actually grateful for the rain after that short interchange. I watched and listened to a YouTube somebody posted up on FaceBook where a bunch of folks gathered together in a store and recorded the tornado passing over them. I was horrified by the noise of it and also surprised by how quickly it came and went (in less than 6 minutes).  Such devastation in such a short time. I can be a tornado at times.  

So, I woke up deciding to be especially grateful that my house hasn't been torn off its foundation, that I haven't lost all my possessions, and I have electricity and hot water this morning.  It is so easy to take it all for granted. 

How about these strawberries? A previous owner of this house planted them and they sure make a nice decorative front to this place. The neighborhood kids always enjoy picking them. I personally will not eat them as we have far too many cats roaming the 'hood. Need I say more?

Up towards the fence, I planted two rose bushes. One is flourishing and the other is just starting to bud.  I hope I have roses to show you later in the summer.

I cannot close this post without leaving a photo of my very favorite girl I shot with my new camera.  I love this dog so much it makes my heart hurt.

So ... I think I'm going to love my new camera!

Hope you have an awesome day with no tornadoes running through the middle of it.

love, susan


  1. The weather is beautiful here and I too am so thankful that all my "things" are in tact. Love your post and your pictures!! Oh, and the tangles? It is just do the patterns over and over and over and over... love ya!

  2. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful even in lousy weather...it certainly could be far worse.

  3. Mmmmmmm strawberries! Yummy! I'd have to forget that the cats visit that patch though. LOL

    Your dog is absolutely beautiful! Love her coloring!


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