Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bee Happy

"When the flower blooms, the bees come uninvited."    ~ Ramakrishna

Yeah, those darn bees.  I hit one yesterday while rolling along at 70 mph on my motorcycle. You'd think the impact would have killed it but it stung me anyway. What a weird feeling, knowing I'm being stung but having to keep my head together until I can find the next rest stop. When we pulled over, the bee was actually still alive on my shirt. The last time we rode, I had a bee come up underneath my full-face helmet. It walked around on my face shield briefly until I opened my shield and set it free. Don't panic were the words my head screamed. It was like a bad nightmare seeing that bee crawling up my face shield. How one little bee can make a grown woman scream is beyond me ... but I don't like 'em ... at all.

It was a beautiful day for riding yesterday. We ended up in Ellensburg and did a drive-by the University. I'm sorry I didn't have my new camera with me but it's a little clunkier for rode trips. Nonetheless, Ellensburg reminds me a bit of Flagstaff.  I love college towns! I hope we'll go there again sometime in the car so we can get out and walk the downtown area. It's not fun walking with leathers on.

After cruising through Ellensburg, we drove along Canyon Road to get home. The river is swollen and running faster than usual. It was a really nice 5-hour trip but I was glad to get home. I'm not quite ready for those long trips yet ... my back and knee ached something terrible by the time we got home. I think it's just a matter of working myself back into longer rides. (keep telling myself that)

The clouds have rolled back in so today we're going to drive over to Pasco and visit Fiesta Foods for some fresh veggies and I want to take Gene to the Franklin County Courthouse. He's never been inside and it is truly a beautiful building. I'm hoping we can snap some photos while there so I can share them here.

Hope you have a wonderful day, wherever you are.

love, susan


  1. Thank you!

    I am working on your photocard today, yeah :) I love the process!

    Love, Hannah

  2. Love the Iris!! So sorry about the bee. I hate them too and it seems like we already have a lot of them buzzing at the screens. It's very warm here already!! Be safe, my friend.

  3. I think I would freak out if I had a bee inside my helmet. Way to go for keeping your cool while being stung!

  4. @ Janie ~ I shot this iris while on our walk this morning. I am amazed at the different colors of iris growing here. There are some that are so purple that they appear black. I've seen chocolate brown ones, yellow, and lots of shades of purple. I love them too!


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