Monday, May 4, 2015

Adventure 101

I went on a little adventure yesterday morning with my photo walking buddy. We set out to see the pelicans but it turned into part photo walk, part road trip. Long story short, we were trying to get to the other side of the Yakima rRiver and spent an hour driving in one direction and then backtracked to finally get there. 
It matters not. I had a full tank of gas.
To think we would have missed these three deer crossing the river. I said, "hey, I think there are deer crossing the river". She said, "I thought those were ducks".  Such is our conversation sometimes. She hands me her camera while I stop the car on a not-so-busy highway at the back road to Benton City. Good thing she emailed me this photo because I forgot all about it. We were so intent on finding the road to the other side of the Yakima River that I forgot all the wonderful things in between. We took roads we've never been on and finally decided to drive to the end of the most unlikely road to get exactly where we wanted to be. For any locals reading this, and mostly for me so I won't forget, it's at the end of N. Herrington Road in W. Richland. Just keep driving. It doesn't make sense but just keep driving.
I'm going back to work this morning after suffering a bout of a stomach bug that is still not entirely gone but at least I can stand up straight today. I don't do sick very well. Such a waste of time to lay in bed writhing in pain.
New day. New adventures to be had.
Have you ever just turned down a road to see what's there? Do you give up just before you find the right spot? Do you have good friends who'll go with you on adventures?
love, susan

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