Saturday, May 9, 2015

That's How We Roll Dude

No matter that we are out in the middle of freaking-nowhere, my husband can find somebody to chat with. It happened today while on a scoot up to Pendleton and then over to Hepner.  We saw this guy at the gas station and hubby never said a single word to him but as we got down the road, he saw him pulled over and he could not resist the urge to stop and talk to him. It was under the guise of asking him if everything was okay. Bikers really do look out for each other that way. But criminy, he had just filled up with gas not fives miles ago. How could anything be wrong?
It was a beautiful day for riding. Hubby mentioned this morning that I am 1,400 miles short of having 20K on my machine. I'm pretty sure it's his mission now to make those numbers roll over. I wasn't quite prepared for a nearly 300 mile ride today but then, I never am.

I cleared my head, put on my leathers and at the last minute tucked a hoodie in my saddle bag and was glad of that. I ended up putting it on at 4,200 feet above sea level. We saw snow today on the side of the road. We also saw an antelope loping across our path and these beautiful wild flowers.

After we got back, I made a mad dash to the grocery to store to pick up salad fixins to go with pizza we would deliver to a friend who just had carpel tunnel surgery.

It has been one of those summer days that is filled with fun and adventure. Tomorrow is looking like it will be full too although if you asked me I could not give you any details. That's how we roll, dude.
How was your Saturday?

love, susan


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