Sunday, May 17, 2015


This is a working weekend for me. I have so much to do, so little time. I should be at the store already this morning but the coffee hasn't kicked in yet and I'm afraid neither has my mind.
The thought of spending all day digging up a layer of dirt and grass so we can fill in an area with gravel has me dragging. I'm not cut out for that kind of hard labor. I'm soft. I hate it. What I hate more is looking at how the weeds keep growing up near the walkway to our front door. I keep this in mind while my back is breaking.
I've been through much worse things than a sore back. Someday I'll actually get that stuff down on paper and share it. But right now, I use it as a tool to get through things that are slightly unpleasant.
The upside is that I'm spending time with my hubby and when we're done with this little project we can stand back and say we did this. The upside is that moment when I've used every bit of energy and I fall into my chair for a glass of ice water that's never tasted so good. The upside is today I take ownership of my life and my surroundings.
What tools do you use to get through days where you'd rather be doing something else?
love, susan


  1. I waste a bit (and sometimes a lot) of time playing a zone-out-the-brain game at Facebook. Yesterday, I was better by baking bread. Doing the hard stuff with the Hubby will no doubt make it more bearable. :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  2. LOL! I like your honesty so I'll confess to not being a morning person. I love mornings. Some mornings. I prefer to spend them alone. I can't stand to smell coffee or breakfast, and I don't talk in the A.M.; grunting is the best I can do when it is early. But let me get down on my knees and dig in the dirt, put in a garden or a flower bed, build something . . . I've grown to dislike housework though.

    You're an inquiring mind! Stop that! :)


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