Monday, May 19, 2014

On a Happier Note

My last post was cleansing ... pun intended. Today, I decided to talk about something more joyful.
I finally got my friend and her baby's daddy to agree to let me shoot some photos over the weekend. They are both busier than me so I'm glad we were able to carve an hour out to meet at the park for a quick photo session.
I was so nervous. I'm not a professional photographer and don't pretend to be but I do love photography and learning about my camera. Anyone who will sit still long enough for me to capture them is a hero in my book.
The timing was hard because we met during full sunlight (5:00pm) and although light is everything in photography, too much of it is hard to work with. I got 70 photos and although there are better, more focused ones than this, the pose is what I think got the most likes out of the 40-some I posted. Matt is adorable and although I love all the pics that show his face, this image shows his personality more than any of the others, me thinks. At first, I felt a little frustrated that he wasn't looking at me when I started shooting but when I got home and saw this image on the screen, I realized that I have to step out of the way and let the picture be.  This pose was her idea and it worked. He adores her and their baby, who is due to arrive in July.
I posted the pics on FB and was thrilled at the comments people left for her. Her sister (a professional photographer) asked me to take their family pics when they visit this summer. What an honor!  Another friend said she's going to call to ask me to do their family pictures.  I couldn't be happier about that.
Learning to get comfortable taking people pictures is where I am at right now. My step daughter is a pro photographer and when I asked her how she got into it, she said, "just like you are doing right now .... practice with your friends"
I've been asked to be the photographer at a friend's wedding in mid-June. I am nervous as hell but I said YES!  The wedding is at 2pm so I'm going to need all the practice I can get between now and then with outdoor lighting.
Do you have a craft you are getting better at? What do you do to push past your fears? Leave me a comment.  I love hearing from you!
love, susan


  1. Hoooboy, this is a timely post for me. In 2009, I borrowed a friend's DSLR and took a digital photography class, but have forgotten most of what I learned since I didn't have a camera to continue practicing.

    Well, I finally bought a really nice camera -- one that is far beyond my abilities right now. I ordered it on-line and it sat unopened in the box for nearly a week after arrival. My husband could not understand how I kept from playing with my new toy. I told him I was busy and wanted to open it when I had unhurried time to spend with it. Truth was…I felt nervous and overwhelmed and was contemplating returning it! (I also felt guilty over the purchase price.)

    I finally reached a point of "Dag-blast-it, I have saved and saved for this camera and bought it after careful research. I am keeping it and I will learn to use it!" So I took it out of the box, watched the tutorial DVD, took a few practice shots, and then put it away.

    I went on vacation the following week and debated whether to take it. "It's so big and bulky. Maybe I should have purchased a nice point-and-shoot." But I packed it along.

    Several days into vacation, I finally pulled the camera out of the case. I took pictures of scenery and inanimate objects…and then braved moving subjects…my grandkids. And that turned out to be one of my favorite parts of vacation…standing on the beach, capturing memories of the kids chasing waves, digging in the sand, laughing, and studying shells.

    A group of sun-weathered women walked by as I was shooting. I told them, "I've taken a bazillion shots and I'll never be able to delete them because photos with grandchildren are always brilliant."

  2. Well, photography as it happens. Except I'm now at the point where I'm getting paid for it. So far, it's still family and friends, but I may have a gig through my sister who does event planning. Small events - I don't have anywhere near the equipment I would need to effectively do a large event - but I'm working on it.

    I do have a couple things in my way, namely my full-time job and my physical health. There are things I just can't do anymore, so I'm trying to find a way to get around that.

    1. Yeah, working sure gets in the way of an awful lot of fun stuff.

  3. I just love this photo! Congrats on getting on these photo opportunities Susan! I firmly believe that opportunities for talent have a way of finding you and they are abundant once you are open to them. One of the things I do is teach yoga but I stopped teaching in studios for awhile except for privates, but then all of sudden, people started to approach me asking for me to teach and it confirmed for me what I've always said--yoga found me. So, being a photographer my friend, my have reached out and found you!

    1. I so appreciate your feedback. I've learned to say "yes".

  4. That is a great photo, even though you can't see the gentleman's face you captured the spirit of the couple and that's what matters. Step daughter is right, everyone starts out somewhere and you're learning by trial and error (quite well, it seems) I've not had a chance to learn a new skill but I was almost ready to start exercising and someone gave me very similar advice to what you're said/heard: everyone starts off clueless at the beginning, but you learn and grow with practice and before you know it you're an expert.

    I wish that would happen with my writing ;-)

  5. I started to do art journaling. I am nervous to buy supplies since my crochet business failed. So, starting with a notebook and recycled things to explore if i am going to keep the hobby. I am posting each page on my blog to record my progress. Trying not to think about it much...

  6. Aw, Susan! How lovely. I meant to comment the day you posted this lovely piece but the door bell and a long visit from small neighbor distracted me, so here I am again. :)

    Congratulations! You're good, you really are. Do what you love and you won't be working. You will be getting paid to do what you love. :) I promise it is true.

    1. I wonder if getting paid would take the fun out of it for me ....


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