Monday, May 12, 2014

First Trip of MC Season ~ 100 Miles

We took out first motorcycle trip of the season this weekend. It was a shorty to Hermiston and from there along the river towards Walla Walla and back home. Exactly 100 miles.
We left in such a hurry that I didn't get a chance to fill the thermos with coffee so we stopped at Safeway to share a super tall, hot cup of go juice to keep us alert. And, of course, the famous Safeway cheese-jalapeno bagel. My husband is addicted to Safeway's version of this fat pill. The bakery lady was just putting out fresh donuts so we added a maple bar on top of it.  Well, don't you know the salty, hot, cheesy bagel made the maple bar stand up and take notice, washed down with a nice blend from Safeway's partner Starbucks. Not a fan of Bucks coffee but will drink it when forced. 
On our way out of the store, we ran into a gal we know who runs in our circles. Haven't seen her in about a year but she greeted us with the biggest hugs and a little chit chat on such a lovely Mother's Day. She talked about graduating from college and a possible move to be closer to her grandkids.  What a super nice coincidence to run into her. It made my day!
On the way home, we took a slight detour to my favorite spot, McNary Bird Refuge. We spotted 10 turtles sitting on a log and this sweet little swallow sitting just outside of the viewing house. It sat here for the longest time on this branch, swaying in the wind. The birds are definitely coming in now and the sound of their music is sweet. I shared with Gene that if I should die first that I'd wish for my ashes to be left on this refuge. Kinda morbid but I felt the need to say it out loud.
I missed a called from my son but we finally connected. Besides my husband, he is the sweetest man I know.
It is notable that I "unplugged" this weekend. I started Friday night right after work. I texted my closest friends to let them know I was setting down my electronic device for a weekend to give my BEST, best friend some undivided attention. Note to self: must do that more often.
Well, it's back to the salt mine today. I don't mind going to work when I've had such a great weekend. I need the rest! I'll be working hard but thinking about the next adventure. Where to go next .....
What did you do last weekend?
love, susan

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  1. Susan didn't want to go on a long, for her, first ride of the season, and though I was thinking more along the side of a more lengthy foray, this turned out to be a nice little outing. I am going to accompany a friend of mine, Doug, on the starting leg of his trip to Georgia in a few days, so will get a good taste of a pretty healthy ride then. It will be pretty much pedal to the metal, so to speak, but we both hold to the speed limit and try to be as safe as possible out there on the road on our two wheeled friends. This trip with Susan was a real joy. Nice and layed back, a bit nippy in the early going, but the return trip was just spectacular.


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