Friday, June 6, 2014

C'est La Vie

Summer fun!
Great week! It has been non-stop fun every day. Summer mania has set in and I'm getting less sleep but having way more fun. I just finished wrapping up plans for a September trip to Montana with a high school buddy to visit another h.s. buddy. Between now and then the calendar has filled in to capacity. I love that.

We got out a couple of times this week and have plans for this evening to visit friends in the country. Having plans makes life so much sweeter. I'm hoping we can squeeze in a nice motorcycle trip tomorrow as I am working some overtime on Sunday. Boo hiss. The project needs to get done and that comp time will come in very handy this summer.

My friend Jan and her brother, sharing a moment.
Roses at the Kennewick library
Until then, today we're saying goodbye to a most awesome attorney who has been in our office one year. He is definitely on my Top 5 list of "Most Awesome People Susan Has Ever Worked With".  A rare, funny, down-to-earth, totally super nice human being dedicated to the betterment of society. I cried when he said he was leaving. He has made my job so much fun to go to. C'est la vie.
What did you do this week for fun?
love, susan

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  1. JP and I went to see Eddie Izzard on Tuesday. He was amazing! I love having things to look forward to since it helps me deal with the less than fun parts of my life. Our trip to see you is next on the docket, then a week visiting my brother and his family, and then a week in San Francisco. I love it when my summers are jam packed!

    Love you!


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