Thursday, May 15, 2014

Making Plans

This week has flown by. Early yesterday morning, a friend texted to see if we could get together after work. We made plans to meet for dinner. It sure made my day go faster and it was way more enjoyable knowing I had plans later. Hubby had taken off on a motorcycle trip with our funny friend pictured here. I wasn't sure if he'd be back last night but he rolled in while I was out having dinner. He had plans of his own.

I like having some plans. My summer calendar is filling up with fun trips.  I had finished making reservations for a trip to the beach in July when I realized we'll be going to the Oregon coast three times between now and mid-September. I felt giddy instantly as each trip will involve different family members and to different beaches. Something to look forward to.

And, then there is today. I am meeting with some friends after work to celebrate the college graduation of someone special to me. Her accomplishment is something I've only thought about but never acted on. Glad I have something planned to get me through the day.

Next week I'm going to my friend's house to house/pet sit for two weeks while she goes on a cruise. I look forward to that as I'll get to spend some time with her fur kids, feed birds and maybe feed the snake. Not sure yet how often their snake eats but I suspect it can't go two weeks without a little something. It will be a first for me.  I'll document that with photos and get back to you on it!

In the meantime, I started a new training program with my little "Remi".  She has been with us a year now and was the most horrible walker I've ever had at the end of a leash.  I found a cool blog that gave me a little training tip so I made plans to get her out every morning for a walk and some training.  This is week two and I must report that she is a different dog. I'm using a clicker and reward system which was my last hope for her. I'm not a quitter. 

Well, my plan was to keep writing but my employer has other ideas so I'll wrap this lunch time post up in a bow. I plan to enjoy my afternoon here at my keyboard. 

How about you?  Got plans?

love, susan


  1. Wow sounds like you've got a wonderful next little while in store for you and some amazing memories to be made :) My whole world right now is having construction on the house and moving a business. Can't wait for June and some free time for fun :) Hope yall have some great trips!

  2. Sounds like your sumner is going to be fun-filled. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!


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