Friday, May 17, 2013

Dirty Birds

I'm seriously hanging on to the end of a runaway train.  I know I've said that before but it hasn't felt more true than right now.
Last night hubby and I went out to a friend's house in the country for a lovely dinner. After supper, my hubby drove down the road to visit other friends who live in the area while I got to visit and take some country photos. I haven't really had my camera out much lately. Last night really trumped sitting in front of the 40" flat screen. If every night could be like that, I'd get rid of the damn thing. 
There are so many distractions it seems.  Early in the week I told my husband "I'm turning off my phone Friday night and I wanna go on a date."  The truth is that Friday nights I'm about as tired as a working person can be but I'm gonna girl-up today and try to get a second wind by the time he picks me up from work.
In the meantime, I'm relishing the time I spent out in the country last night. I love going to my friend's place in Finley. She has her very own bird sanctuary right in her back yard complete with a bird bath that has a water dripper to draw in all kinds of dirty birds looking for a cheap bath. She also has giant containers of bird seed that she scoops feed out of for those dirty, hungry birds.
So last night, I was watching these little chicks poke their beaks out and could never really get a good pic. We got closer to the bird house and because it is up about 7 feet I couldn't see in it. I got the bright idea to turn on my flash and just blindly snap. I felt really horrible subjecting these babes to such rudeness but my friend assured me they would survive.
Gotta go step into my jeans now and get to work.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE jeans day!
Hope you have an awesome day wherever you are.

love, susan

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