Friday, May 31, 2013

May Days

Today is the last day of May. Life has gotten really different since my hubby had surgery on his hand. We've been home every single weekend, all the plants in the container garden are thriving and I've almost finished reading a book.  Today I had a fleeting thought about going on a road trip but the idea didn't really take root ... yet.  I'm thinking a trip to Vancouver B.C. would be just the ticket for a sweet road trip with my guy. Anything to get away from these high maintenance dogs!

Last weekend, we took them for a 2 mile walk. It's never been an issue before we adopted "Remi".  Remi is a horrible walker.  The worst. At points along the way I just wanted to unbuckle her lead and if she decided to follow us home, so be it.  But I didn't. That dog pulled the entire walk and I can't wait to never take her for a walk again. Love her to pieces but she's gotta get some schoolin' on proper walking etiquette. Before "Remi", we thought the border collie was a poor walker. Perspective is a good thing.

My cousin, Lil P, pictured above, was here last weekend. She's a free spirit and shows up occasionally to hang with us. I don't believe we've ever had an easier house guest ... although we decided this trip that we can't really call her a guest anymore. She's more like a frequent flyer. I hope she hurries and comes back soon. She needs to just get a job here and stay!
Gene's youngest daughter sent some "lunch" money for my birthday so I think we're going to take a road trip tomorrow to Naches to our favorite out-of-the-way eatery for lunch. It's been far too long since our last road trip.  I'm scheming up some other road trips and I'm sure rolling tomorrow will get the ideas flowing.
Hope you had a good May!  Here's to June!!

love, susan

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