Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Round Up

I have the best friends ever.  This week, my very good friend left me a voice mail to let me know I have once again been invited to the spring round up at Rowdy Barry's Wild R Ranch. This news just puts me over-the-top of happiness.

I wrote about my experience last year in Git Along Little Doggies.  It was one of my favorite days last year, right up there in the top 10. 

Going again this year, I will know how the whole thing works and am hoping to get a different viewpoint from my camera. The entire day was sort of surreal for me and I'm sure I missed more than a few Kodak moments because I was in such awe of what was happening. Branding and castrating ~ not something you see every day.

I plan to be much closer to the vantage point than I was here in this photo to the left. I had no idea what to expect when those cows came around the corner of the canyon so I stayed up high above the cow trail. I thought it would be like in the movies .... angry cows rushing to get nowhere. However, by the time the cowboys and cowgirls got these cows over the hill, they were exhausted. I can relate to that.  That's how I feel after grazing all winter.

I hope to be a little more social this year. I'm a city girl and it shows. Maybe I'll even find a nice cowgirl hat to wear for the occasion.  I'm definitely gonna wear my blingy rhinestone heart earrings. Cowgirl up!!!

My cowboy will probably be riding his steel horse elsewhere while I attend. He was a good sport about going last year but he doesn't have the camera bug quite like I do. He says if it's a good riding day, he's rolling down another trail.

I love having events to look forward to and this one is a big one for me! This round-up is real American tradition  and I am so honored I get to witness and photograph it once again.  

love, susan


  1. Funny you mentioned this, I was wondering when it was coming to the public or by private invite only?

    1. I'm afraid it is a private, by invitation only. I promise I'll take great photos and write about it!!!

  2. Please do! Can't wait to see it. I love hearing about it :)


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