Sunday, March 11, 2012

University of Idaho - Moscow, Idaho

I love beautiful university campuses. 

We visited the University of Idaho in Moscow today quite by accident. Got up early to take a good friend to the airport in Spokane and decided to take the long way home.

This campus is impeccable. Although it was raining today, the clouds were such that there was a lot of bright light and I ventured out into the weather to get a closer look at this gorgeous building. Don't you think this walkway is inviting?

We stepped into this administration building and found students holding a "conclave" (whatever that is .... guess I should have gone to college after-all) and they had dozens of photos out on display. They kindly invited us to come in and take a look and we gladly went inside the building so we could see it and get warmed up. That Idaho rain chills me to the bone.

I'm sure Gene was more interested in the architecture because when I mentioned how awesome the photos were, he said "what photos"? We didn't stay long but I can tell you it's worth a drive-by Moscow to see the campus if you are in the area. It's just a block off the main street.

 On the way back to the car, Gene spotted this building with the clock.  I love the old buildings in Idaho, Washington and Oregon. It feels like a real step back in time when we pass through these old areas. 

We can check Moscow off our list of cities we've never been to.  I hope we can travel there again on the motorcycles as the highway landscape was really nice.

love, susan




  1. I have a pic of me in front of that building ...I almost went to that school too. In my junior year of high school Mr. Hopper took a bunch of kids on a college tour trip...SO much fun!! One of my best h.s. memories.

    1. Well, who knew??? I couldn't help but think about Robin Williams in "Dead Poets Society" and Gene thought it would be a great set for another Harry Potter movie.

      What a grand place. Hope it brought back many memories for you!

    2. P.S. I'd love to see that photo of you in front of this building Kathy!!!

  2. Would love a trip up that way again been many many years since there. Great memories.


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