Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Top 10 Pet Peeves

SuddenlySusan's 10 11 Pet Peeves 
  • Parks charging $5 day fees
  • Outdated messages on signs
  • People being rude to young workers
  • Leaving cupboard doors open in the kitchen
  • Wastefulness
  • When my credit card doesn't work at the gas station
  • Poor customer service
  • Parents belittling their children
  • Junk mail
  • Solicitors 
  • Text language
First, I don't intend to turn this into a negative blog post. I've got pet peeves just like everyone else. It's March 1st, it's cold outside and I'm running late. I've had this post in the wings so today's the day I'm using it. Maybe one of your pet peeves is reading other people's pet peeves. LOL (Laugh out loud!)   Oh, that's another pet peeve of mine ... text language. I'm trying to get with the times but it's hard.

Okay. So, if I had to pick my top pet peeve it would be ..... well, it's hard to choose. But I think the one that burns my butt the most is when we go motorcycling and try to fill up our bikes and the credit cards won't work. Shell stations are the WORST for this. I understand the computer thinks maybe it's a stolen card when we have to fill up 6 times in one day, but that's how it is. My husband's bike takes a different test of gas than mine does so we're both using the same card literally 6 times a day sometimes. Solution (cuz that's what I'm about): someone suggested I get one of those pre-paid credit cards. What an awesome idea! I'm going to try it this summer.

Uh oh, I'm on a roll now.  Park Fees! Really?  So, you're telling me a nice family living on an extreme budget has to pay $5 to park their car so they can take their family for a picnic at the park.? Or, pay $5 so we can stop and use a restroom out in the middle of nowhere. Or, stop to take a picture?  Solution: roll on by those parks that charge day fees.

Solicitors: I put a tacky, bright pink sign on my door.  Problem solved.

What's your biggest pet peeves? Come on, I know you have some. Give 'em up!

love, susan


  1. Susan, Love this post! Prepaid card I guess would be the way to go. As far as the $5 fee at parks, that is also one of my biggest pet peeves also. It's ridiculous. Or how about you buy a national or state park annual sticker and then can't even use it at some still have to pay. That happens here in Alaska, don't know about other states. Whining, gas prices, people calling or talking to me while I am watching biggest loser, college tuition, parents shaming their kids, saggy diapers, off leash dogs with iffy behavior, a bad hair style (on me), long winters, etc....would go on but gotta get Damon to school. have a great weekend.

    1. Saggy diapers ... yep ... that would go on my list too!

  2. Well I have a brand new pet peeve....I have a friend whose baby needs open heart surgery in Seattle in April so I wanted to donate her AK Airline miles. It cost me $275 to GIVE her 25,000 miles that I earned! In other words $275 to transfer 25,0000 miles from one account to another. They say there is a $25 processing fee....wouldn't that be sufficient to cover the transfer? OHMYGOD, I am getting more angry just talking about it!!

    1. Okay, you win the "pet peeve" contest for sure. I'd be steaming mad myself!! I'd be tempted to just give her the money towards a ticket and keep the miles.

    2. I totally agree... it should not cost to GIVE what we earned.

      For future reference... (this might not apply to AK airline, and it's too late for this situation anyway) ... when I use our United miles, I can make the reservation for someone else and only have to pay the $10 tax on the ticket. I just recently did that for my brother-in-law who needed to fly from Anchorage to Iowa on a family emergency.

  3. I'm sure I can come up with more, but today my pet peeve is sales clerks that give misinformed information, and later you learn that the store won't back up what the clerk told you.


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