Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fill In The Blanks

The day flew by. I called my dad on my lunch break and wished him a happy 80th birthday.  Late in the afternoon I realized that my days fly by, then it's a week, a month and then the years fly by.  I wondered if my dad was thinking the same thing as he was celebrating his birthday with his family in Arizona.  No doubt.

It's been an emotional couple of days for me. I tried to sit down last week to write a birthday card to my dad but ended up in a puddle of tears. It's times like these it becomes painfully clear that now, right now, is the time of my life. Not when I have enough money, or enough vacation time or the right clothes to wear or ... you fill in the blank. I have to admit that although I was thinking of my dad's life, I was also thinking about my own.

In the 7 years we lived in Arizona, the one thing I heard over and over from seniors who were much older than us was "go do it now". If you wait too long, you might have a health issue or (fill in the blank) issue that prevents you from doing the things you really want to do. 

I think I'll take that advice.

How about you?  Is there something you want to do or see, or someplace you want to go but you think you have to wait until (fill in the blank) to do it?

love, susan


  1. I am filling in the blanks. I leave for LV the 18 on a free trip. Invited by a friend with air,Limo meeting us at the airport, suite at the Paris and 1000 in food for 2 of us along with show tickets. A dream trip and we have our bucket list for things to do. I am doing my dreaming in real now. I love to dream and plan. I want one more trip like last year in St Maarten for a month. DO IT NOW.

  2. I say you and I plan a trip somewhere....and within the next year or two. I so much enjoyed our time together and believe that we would make great traveling companions. On another note, I believe that we need to do things now too...the last year has taught me that you can't wait for "someone" to help you make things happen. I was living month-to-month, now I'm living each day with a clear view of what I want in the future and how to make it happen. Love this blog...and happy birthday to your dad. It seems like the older our parents get the older we feel. The time comes when we are the oldest in our family and believe me, it's a frightening feeling.


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