Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Song At A Time - Make a Decision

January is a tough month for me. All of December's poor eating and the lack of sunlight culminate into a very lazy, fatter, grumpy Susan. Getting on the treadmill is a major event in January. All the justifications for not getting on it come rising to the surface. I will not list those reasons here in hopes that some day they will just go away, i.e. I don't need to keep reminding myself of all the lame excuses I have for not exercising.

The one thing that does work for me when I do slip on my socks and tennis shoes and fire up the treadmill is that I make a decision to walk at least until the end of one song. Then I make the decision to walk through one more song. It works for me. Today I was able to walk through 19+ minutes of songs. Woo hoo. That may not seem like a big deal to you but it's a start for me!

The song choices make a difference.  Nora Jones?  I don't think so.  Allison Krauss? For walking? No!  Here is my playlist today:

Thunderstruck - AC/DC 3:50 minutes
Back in Black - AC/DC  4:28 minutes
1,2,3,4 - Coolio  4:26 minutes
Black or White - Michael Jackson  3:22 minutes
Life in the Fast Lane - The Eagles 4: 45minutes

I should be walking at least 30 minutes but I just can't (read: won't) do it right now. I'm happy to say I even went in the same room with my treadmill.

How do you get and stay motivated? 


  1. When I was using my treadmill, it was in view of the TV and I would tune into the HGTV channel. If I could make it through a 30 minute show, I felt accomplished!

  2. I usually put on my iPod and get out my kindle. Yes, I need multiple forms of entertainment to get through my workout.

  3. Treadmill, you mean that thing over in the corner of my office here in the dungeon.. hmm.. I think about going on it at least 30 times a day for about a minute each time.. does that count?

  4. Susan, that's fabulous! At least you have a plan for staying on the mill once on. Sometimes for me it's just go until I sweat, or until I hit five minutes, then ten, then fifteen....etc..
    or until Damon needs something. lol
    Keep it up!

  5. Susan, still I'm blessed with sun every day. It's ideal. Not the dangerous summer sun, so I bathe in it. I open my mouth wide, say "ahhh" and let the light hit the back of my tongue. :) I gulp, pretending I'm swallowing sunshine. :)

    I think of you every time the sun shines here. I even think of it when it doesn't. I wonder how you are. Your light isn't helping?

  6. The light box helps but I'm never at 100% this time of year. January and February are very long, hard months for SAD sufferers. I'm trudging through it though and making the best of it!


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