Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Go There

I know I said I was going to try not using the word "hate" in 2012 and we're only 24 days into the new year, but here I am hating winter.

Gene has been busy moving all my photos off my virus-ridden computer onto a little laptop a good friend gave me. I pulled this picture from our Hawaii photos. It was taken two winters ago.  Sniff sniff. 

I've been dreaming about Hawaii lately. 

A very long time ago, I worked in the mental health field with a therapist who gave me a lot of good ideas and among them was this technique for remembering things. Ironically, I cannot for the life of me, remember what he called it but I want to say it is something like anchoring.  

How it works.  When I go places and experience things I want to remember forever, I close my eyes and try to capture all the things that my senses are picking up. When I snapped this photo, we were standing just off a street in Honolulu. The smell of dinner grilling at the local restaurants was in the air and people were standing politely along the beach front to share this sunset. I was there.

During the dark, cold months of January and February, I'm really glad I still have my mind to take me to those places that are warm and sunny. I'm grateful I took this photo and even more grateful my husband was able to pull my photos off my sick computer. I would have survived if he hadn't but this morning I'm especially enjoying the memories of that trip and it brings a smile to my face.

love, susan


  1. Beautiful! I try to take "mental pictures" when I want to capture a moment forever, but I need to add the technique of noticing what my senses are picking up too. I've only been capturing what I see and neglecting what I feel, smell, hear...

  2. Still fetching some off of that box.. The computer is really in nice shape, just the damnable crap that all computing boxes with the obsolete WINDOZE operating system are plagued by... Was talking to a Russian fellow the other day who is in the know also, and as he said, "Even Windows 7 is almost a decade behind in technology compared to the newest versions of ANY of the unix like operating systems, such as Linux {Mint,Ubuntu,Debian,Slackware,etc}, NetBSD, PC/BSD, freeBSD {that is the one that a majority of the servers on the internet are using}, and even Apple had the good grace to take freeBSD and add some drivers and such and make it there own in the guise of OS/X ... Personally am right now running Ubuntu 11.10 64Bit, and have used distributions from Suse {now OpenSuse}, damnSmall, and a great on for older machines, Puppy Linux, which will run with the operating system, and a good selection of software on an old Celeron, or older AMD processor and does so Lightning fast, and will do a great job with just 512 Meg of memory installed.
    If you have a full gig of memory, you can stick your a good amount of songs up in memory too... and all of this stuff loads even faster than the same thing with windoze 7 running on the all but maybe the fastest core i7 processors ... using a Sata III drive. I have not used any micro$oft stuff on any of my computing boxes since 1993-4, when I finally quit on 98 SE.... but have seen it on other folks boxes and listened to the whining through all the blue screens they suffered with then XP, ME, 2000, etc. OH did I mention you can download any of these operating systems and burn the install CD or DVD, and have it up and running faster than you can a similar install with windows, and without too much in the way of headaches.. Mint Linux is probably the easiest one of all.. http://linuxmint.com/.. take a look. FREE, as are all the great programs.. The DVD versions of the downloads will bring you a world class operating system with the newest linux kernels, total professional Office Suite.. equivalent to {only slightly better than} MS Office Professional, tons of various programs to browse the web, video editting, gimp for professional picture editing, your choice of pdf viewers, even the adobe one, but you have the ability to edit directly existing pdf files with dedicated software for that ... watching movies using one of maybe 50 different programs to choose from.. vlc my favorite, but you can use xine, mplayer, etc. Oh and if you still HAVE to use windoze for some reason, there are 32 bit and 64 bit versions of OpenOffice out there for windoze, and it is free, thanks only, no $$$'s to us open source guys out there. SO THERE YOU GO..

  3. Ah Susan, you are such a complicated person! For such a "seize the moment" kind of girl, you spend way too much time letting the weather determine your happiness and well being! STOP IT! :-)

    1. I need sunshine like most people need air. Winter just snuffs me out.


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