Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Don't Stop Trying

Every year around this time I start thinking ahead about the New Year and things I'd like to accomplish. Somebody told me or I read it somewhere that to make a defined resolution is a set up for failure. For instance, if I made a resolution to drink 8 glasses of water every day, the fact is I will fail. So I started making my resolution list to look like this:

Drink more water.
Read more.
Waste less.
I think you get my drift. I've noticed since I started making my resolutions differently, it seems like the same ones end up on my list and it feels more like a re-commitment to doing those things that I'd like to have happen.  I still want to drink more water. Some days I go all day and a plain glass of water never touches my lips. Other days, I do okay. I resolve to never stop trying.
A couple of my resolutions from years past are still on that list in my mind. Maybe I should type them out and place them on the fridge for a reminder:

Recycle everything I can.
Waste nothing.
Buy used.
Buy less.
Use what I have.
Drink more water.
Treadmill more often.
Quit using the word "hate".
Do one thing to make a difference.
Don't stop trying.

What's on your resolution list this year?

love, suan



  1. I like the one about not using the word "hate." It may seem like a small thing, but I am understanding in my life how positive words and emotions can lift my spirits and make life easier and how negative ones can slow me down.

  2. I agree - I find myself using "hate" too often. I like that and will be adding it to my list too! Thanks!

  3. I agree with the previous comment, about the word "hate" (and other negative words). I use that word too often out of habit. I "hate" uncomfortable shoes. I "hate" clutter. I "hate" wasting. I need a better word.

    I have a goal to be a better friend to myself. I tell myself things (negative chatter in my head) that I would NEVER say to a friend! I would never call a friend a "stupid head" for over-cooking an egg. I would never tell my friend she looks frumpy today. Why do I say those things to myself?

  4. Good call.
    I like Exercies (more)
    Read more classics
    be more active
    waste less is always good
    be more organized
    do my hair several times a week.
    be more kind to others.
    enjoy the weather winter or summer have a great list too Susan. Thanks for making me think!

  5. I tend not to make resolutions because I set myself up for failure - even when my resolutions aren't precise and set in stone. However, I do love the start of a new year and being able to start fresh.

    I have neglected my journaling (a private journal that I used to keep almost daily) and I want to get back into that. It's one thing to write about the great things, and share photos and adventures in a public blog, but I miss journaling the bad, the negative, the worries, etc in my private journal. It's therapeutic for me. So I plan to write more. (These are the journals that my children will someday read. I want them to know more about their mother - the woman I am outside of motherhood)

    And I also want to lose weight, but I try to do that every year. Always a losing battle, and not in a good way.

  6. Susan ... I keep a private journal also. I tend to write a LOT more in it during the cold winter months. And, I feel the same way about it ... hoping my son will read it.


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