Saturday, September 24, 2011

Calling All Cow Lovers

We went out for a motorcyle ride today and this is the only photo I took.

The thing is, we traveled a route today that was really beautiful but not very picturesque. We rode over a mountain pass and ended up at about 4,200 feet but it never cooled down. Everything was dry and the landscape  was blonde.  I couldn't bring myself to pull the camera out to take photos of endless rolling hills of dry wheat. I loved the ride though! I especially loved the stop we made where Gene took off his boots and socks and laid in the grass to cool off. I loved laying next to him under a tree and just feeling so grateful for the sprinkler on the park grass. The slight wind blew a mist over us that was truly life-saving.

The reason I took this particular photo is that I read on my son's blog recently that he really likes cows. I think it's uncanny because I really like them too although my son and I have never been around them much, being raised in Alaska. He lives somewhere else now and I wonder if he sees many cows there.  These are things I think of when I'm riding. You would too if you rode where we rode today. Oh gosh, an idea for another post: things I think of while riding. You wouldn't even believe the things that go through my mind while I should be carefully scanning both sides of the rode for deer and cows. 

Back to cows.  I think it's their beautiful, soft eyes that attracts cow-lovers.  I've heard some people say cows are stupid. I'm not sure why anyone would say that about a cow. I've noticed while out riding that cows are smart enough to go stand under a tree for shade when it's hella hot. I've also been witness to mama cows crying non-stop for hours when they are separated from their calves. They're smart enough to go with the rest of the herd. I think I'll mention all these things the next time I hear someone bad-mouthing cows.

love, susan 


  1. I like cows, too. I like how they stare. I like their smell. I've never seen them fight. I like to hear them when they low--in perfect pitch. I like that son, "Calling All Cows," down on the farm. To give a little milk and margarine. :D

    I dislike how they are mistreated though. And mama cows' udders are . . . I'm getting all weepy now, so . . . I hug cows. I heart cows. I can't eat cows. Or calves. Poor things. And yes, I used to eat meat, and no, I don't begrudge anyone who does. I even liked cows back when I ate them.

    Nice piece, Susan.

  2. When I read this post, I thought of a guy I knew who confessed that he fell in love with his wife because her eyes reminded him of the Jersey cows he used to milk. He said when he milked, the cows often looked back at him with those big beautiful eyes. When he met his wife, he was smitten by her big brown eyes and long eyelashes. :) And gratefully, she didn't seem to mind being compared to a Jersey!

  3. I like cows too. My step-daughter and her husband run a dairy farm in NC. When we visited, we got to meet the cows (100 head) and the new calves. I just loved it! Their cows are free-range, grass fed, and we drank milk that came straight from them. It was a wonderful experience. The calves are so sweet, and I got to feed them. I also let them suckle on my finger. They have some suction power!

    When Steve and I lived in FL, we used to pedal a bike trail that went through cow country. Although the cows were behind a fence, they always came near to see who was peddling by. I loved seeing them.

  4. Wow! Your comments blow me away! Love your stories ... all of them. Thanks so much for sharing them with me. Love it!

  5. I just read your post again, and I could swear in a pinch that I smelled that sweet bovine scent they have. :)

    Sugarholic that's too funny. :) And it sounds male enough to be true. Made me laugh.

    Susan2, isn't that some of the best milk ever! Tastes like God invented it or something. ;)

  6. I very much enjoyed this post - it brings back memories of when I lived on a farm in Moses Lake, Washington when I was in Junior High School ;-) Great photo too!!


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