Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thai Food To Die For

I mentioned to my husband yesterday while on a road trip that I have been in a writing slump for a couple of weeks now. He suggested I look up "writer's slump" and do some writing about it.  Nah.  Who cares? Not me.  And, probably not you either.

We headed to The Dalles, Oregon early in the day with one goal in mind: to visit the Salvation Army thrift store without the constraints of time or having our dog with us. In the past, we have only spent 15 or 20 minutes in this store and discovered they have so many treasures it left us wanting to come back. Yesterday was a perfect day to do it.

Armed with a thermos of coffee, cash hot out of the ATM, and the camera we headed down the road. The above photo is the only one I shot. I must be having "photo slump" too because he practically had to pry me out of the car to take it.

The real treasure of the day, besides the really sweet, heavy cotton sweater I found for $3.49, was Montira's Thai Cuisine.  If you are a local person reading this blog and you love Thai food as much as we do, you should put this on your "places to eat before I die" list.   My recommendation is the Pumpkin Curry but I suspect you wouldn't be disappointed with anything you order there.  I regret I didn't take my camera into the restaurant to snap a quick one of the beautiful presentation. It would not have done justice to how wonderful it tasted.  We will be going back.

love, susan

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  1. Thanks a lot... now you have my mouth watering for Tai food! I will have to remember that restaurant whenever I finally get to take a trip that direction. :)


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