Saturday, September 17, 2011

Farmer Talk

Alberta peaches.  That's what the farmer guy said these are.  I wouldn't know an Alberta peach from an O'Henry.  But I know now that our farmer (I like calling him our farmer)  told us today that he has a different variety of peaches "coming on" about every two weeks.  Coming on, in farmer speak, means the fruit is ready to pick.

We drove out in the country about 20 miles from home to buy two boxes of peaches at a surprisingly low price of $16 a box. It felt like stealing.  A co-worker told me where to find our farmer and I reveled in driving out not only to get the peaches but to shoot the breeze with him for a short time. He wore a baseball cap and spit chew on the ground every once in awhile as he told us a bit about his business and the fishing trip he took to the coast last weekend. 

I love country folks. They keep it real. When I asked him if he had a webpage, he was kind enough to not laugh at me.  Silly me.  What farmer needs a webpage when they have the same customers coming back to buy their fruit for years and years.  As we were leaving, he said, "be sure to keep my number". I said, "you're going into my 'contacts'", but I'm not sure he knew what I meant. I thought about telling him that he'd be on my blog page tonight but decided I just needed to keep our relationship simple. He grows the fruit, I drive out to buy it.  Love that.
Not all the peaches are ripe enough to use yet so I picked out the ready ones and they are now freezer jam. Earlier today, I threw together a peach crisp for Gene. He has lost so much weight since I've been watching my diet that it's scaring me. 

I think tomorrow I will make a peach pie and then decide what to do with the rest of them. We'll be having some peach smoothies and maybe a fruit pizza before the week is over. 

Everything's just peachy!  love, susan



  1. Yummy recipe:
    peaches covering the bottom of a baking dish. Square is good.
    sprinkle top with dry white cake mix
    shred a stick of butter all over the top of that and bake. mmm mmm good. kinda like a cobbler. takes delicious with ice cream.

  2. I like putting peaches in a paper bag and leaving them on the counter for a couple of days. They ripen up 'nice and juicy'! There was a TV ad about that where a couple munches on juicy peaches in almost orgasmic delight. Late nights working on the paper, my friend Linda and I used to do a hilarious imitation of that ecstasy!

  3. Paper bag ~ you know ~ I will try that! I must admit I've never seen that TV ad though. LOL!!

    @ Dani ~ I will give that recipe a try ~ sounds orgasmic!

  4. I miss yummy fresh produce - right off the tree, or the bush, or out of the ground. When we lived in GA, we bought peaches nearly every weekend. There were produce stands all over town. I didn't realize how much I missed that until I saw your photos and read this blog entry. *sigh*

  5. Mmmm. Peaches! I saw a strange peach at the grocery store while in Sacramento last week. It was labeled a white "donut" peach. Very strange shape--and truly did look like a donut. I wish I had purchased one to try. Have you ever had one of those?

  6. I have not had a white donut peach and I don't believe I've ever seen one. There are so many varieties of fruits and veggies out there that I haven't tried yet but am glad to be living someplace where I can try them. When we first moved to Tri-Cities, I got to try a lemon cucumber. They are awesome! I also tried rutabega (sp?) for the first and last time. Not my favorite but I do love the color of them. I am up to my armpits in peaches today ... wondering what to do with them all.

  7. I've had lemon spinach before, but not lemon cucumber. That sounds delicious! Good luck with all those peaches.


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