Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life is a Beach - Part Two

Anyone remember Charlie's Angels?
My head is still at the beach.  That's the beauty of a nice little vacation. It's not like I have to come back to the same old grind right away. Don't tell my boss.

Pictures help. I will probably go through my beach pictures 50 times and try to keep alive the things that mean the most to me. 
Short on time today but here are a few more of my favorites from the weekend.



  1. Great photos! What a treasure of memories. Glad you are not like me... take the camera but neglect to take pictures!

  2. Thank you! I keep wondering when my camera will not work ~ I have a lot of photos since I bought it two years ago. I used to let my camera sit in it's case but since going digital it's been a lot more fun. I try to carry everywhere I go. Today I'm going out in the country to buy some peaches and I'm hoping I get an photo opportunity.


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