Monday, July 15, 2019

Currently: I Am Not Bored


OUTSIDE MY WINDOW... as you can see from this image, we're experiencing some non-blue sky weather. The numbers this week are 86, 89, 89, 89, 85. Still have yet to reach 100°.

PONDERING... I intended to get a birthday card in the mail last week to my friend in Alaska but it never happened. When I finish this post, I'm going to write a long email, hopefully to make up for the fact I failed at sending a card. I used to be so diligent about sending cards.

WATCHING... Over the weekend, I dog sat for friends and watched Netflix. I watched a couple movies but I'll be darned if I can remember the titles. I also watched several episodes of The Ranch. Loved it. I need to watch it again though because I discovered I started the middle but didn't realize it until I watched the last episode in the 6th season. Not sure what happened there. It is really good but if you are offended by the F word, this series is not for you. 

READING... I did zero reading last week. I spent a lot of time outdoors hoeing up weeds and listening to podcasts.

PODCASTS... I listen to about 10 hours of podcasts every week while I'm walking my dogs. I'll leave you my favorite episode that maybe you'll want to check out. This morning I was "wowed" by a 25 minute talk on Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations. The episode is called Pastor John Gray: The Bridge. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a religious person by any means at all but I am a very open-minded, loving human being who loves love and I love the language of love. This talk is soooooo good, I highly recommend it if you just need a warm fuzzy today. Here is the link to  SuperSoul Conversations. I use the Stitcher app on my phone but if you have an iPod, I believe there is a podcast app that comes with your phone that will get you there. P.S. I may have liked this particular episode because Oprah didn't speak a word in it.  

THIS WEEK… There are a couple of days with nothing on the calendar but it likely won't stay that way. Today, I am going to photograph a new dog socialization class that is doing a trial run. Tonight, Remi and I have dog class. Later this week, I am dog sitting for a friend. In between, I'll be doing more clean up on an area that has been neglected. I have not been bored even one minute since I retired.

FAVORITE THINGS... I stopped at my favorite thrift store downtown as they had a 50% off sign and I physically could not drive past it without going in. I almost squealed when I found these hardly-worn Eddie Bauer skorts on the rack in my size for $2! I have the exact same pair already that I live in all summer. These skorts are $65 brand new. You'd squeal too, right? And, don't tell my other dogs, but Remi (pictured here) is my favorite.

EMBRACING... I don't know what I am embracing right at this moment.

A QUOTE TO SHARE... “The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” – M.K. Clinton

love, susan


  1. What a fantastic score(t)! I live in those Eddie Bauer skorts in the summertime also - my summer uniform - skort, tank top, Birks. Yep, I'd be squealing too.


    1. I may have to do a weekly post on just the screaming deals I get while out thrifting. I try to stay minimal but when it comes to clothes, I feel like I never have enough.

  2. I had to laugh at your comment about Oprah. I can't handle her either. Such a true quote. And our world needs it badly right now.

    1. I shouldn't bash on Oprah too much. She is really a wonderful person and she has done a whole lot of good in the world. She repeats herself a lot .. a lot. And, she often times repeats what the person she is interviewing says ... and it's a tic that just grates on me as a listener. I have to look past it so I can really hear the jest of what is being said. When I first picked up her SuperSoul Conversations, I couldn't listen but I've decided to look past her and really have enjoyed most of her interviews. There are some real treasures there.


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