Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday Upsides: Snowmageddon 2019 Carries On

We are in the middle of  Snowmageddon 2019  in Eastern Washington. I finally dug out enough to get out on the main street for a trip to the grocery store and gas station. We have seen dozens of cars high centered in the snow on side streets. Imagine my surprise when I look to my right while filling up gas and see this guy in his shorts. I think it is a bit optimistic to think he isn't going to get stuck somewhere along the lines today, but maybe he's gonna get on the highway and drive to Portland. A bit judgy on my part, I suppose.  (giggles) A friend I am supposed to be dog/house sitting for has been trying to fly out to Seattle since Saturday. It's not looking good for today either. Her final destination is Belize. Never give up, that's my motto!
Monday Upsides:
  • It is not snowing at the moment.
  • Fred Meyer is within walking distance so if I get stuck again, I'm not gonna starve.
  • We had delayed start today at work.
  • Winter is almost over but she's telling us who is boss.
  • My dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE chasing the Kong in the deep snow.
13 Mondays to go!
Hope you're safe and warm wherever you are.  Got any Monday upsides?
love, susan
This dog belongs on the Iditarod trail!

That's not a cold foot she is holding up. She is anticipating
me throwing the Kong I am using to get her focus!

I love this girl.

Winter is tough on the critters.

My daughter-in-law made this and sent a jar
all the way from Denver.

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