Monday, June 5, 2017

Stormy June: A Life List

Looking Out My Window Have you ever noticed that it's always sunny on Monday morning after a stormy weekend? I don't think it's funny. Forecast is for sunny and 82 today and 96 on Wednesday. My kinda weather.
Weekend Review We packed a lot of fun in on Saturday. It had been a whole two weeks since our last road trip so we woke up with the road calling us. We ended up in Wenatchee via a segment of road we had never traveled. That's getting rare now that we've lived here almost 9 years and taken a lot of Sunday drives. There is a Salvation Army thrift store in Wenatchee that we love to visit. Their prices are super low and I've found many quality clothing items every time we go. This trip I came home with 8 pair of nice dress slacks, jeans, and 3 pair of capris along with 4 great tops, all at 20% for a total of $35. Hubby found 4 books for $1, and I snagged one of them called Twelve Years a Slave. I started reading it yesterday. He took me to our favorite Vietnamese place for lunch. Saturday night we ended up at our friends' place out in the country. A storm blew in as we were sitting outdoors and I had a horrible allergy attack that left so much histamine in my system I was sick all of yesterday. My eyes still feel like they have gravel in them. But I got great photos while there. It was a full Saturday of non-stop fun.
What I'm Watching I finished the 3rd season of Grace & Frankie. What a great show! Now I can focus on Season 5 of House of Cards.
What's On My Camera Here are my two favorite photos from Saturday. The pano I took with my cell phone. The storm was eerie. The horse image cracked me up! This horse follows me everywhere I go when I'm in the pasture with him. I don't know much about horses and frankly, they scare me a little but I just pretend he's a big dog. He came up behind me and put his nose on my shoulder. Kind of endeared him to me. He's a goof ball.
A Peek Into My Week We're going out to a friend's place tonight after work so I can shoot some photos of the beautiful red headed girl who bought my motorcycle. Tuesday night I'm meeting up with my most favorite friend for coffee, Wednesday I have a lunch date with a friend, and lunch plans on Friday with work friends. Plans are what make life so much fun for me, especially during the work week. I've got a new co-worker starting today so will be training for several weeks.

A Final Thought Dixie (the dog pictured in my last blog entry) found a permanent home over the weekend. I was telling my friend, "T", that we should feel good about the work we're doing with the rescue group. Everyone plays a part in it. Love that. Gotta go now and make a birthday card for my grandson. His birthday snuck up on me. Hope you have a fun week wherever you are in the world.

love, susan


  1. You are the energizer bunny.

    1. My motto is I'll sleep when I'm dead! Enjoying every minute of my waking life. I spent a lot of years not doing that and have a lot to make up for. Thanks for dropping in!

  2. Soon every day will be Monday for you...countdown...


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