Monday, June 26, 2017

Blink and It Is the End of June: Life List

Looking Out My Window It is hard to believe it is going to 100 today because of the bright clouds. The numbers after today will be 90, 88, 93, 97, 96, and 90. I freakin' love summer!
Weekend Review I worked 3 hours on Saturday so I can keep my head just above water. We are crazy busy at work and the DUI's just keep coming in. There was a classic car show here this weekend and the police were busy. Yesterday we went to an afternoon bbq at a park near out house. This is our 3rd get together with the same friends and I always come home feeling so happy. I love seeing the children running and playing outdoors. I watch as they quickly pair up on the playground, strangers only for a minute. Love that.
What I'm Learning I am on Day 57 with zero refined sugar and no flour. About 10 days ago, I decided to cut meat from my eating plan. What I'm learning is that I can survive just fine on beans, rice, salad, and fruit. I feel better than I have in a very long time. The biggest thing I've learned is that eating does not have to be an event. This is a major shift in my thinking.
What I'm Creating I've been in purge mode for a couple of weeks now and getting ready to start a new month of The Minimalist Game. I started a new closed group on FB and have a nice group of people who are joining me in a one month purge of clutter. We start officially minimizing on July 1. I'll bring some of the results here to this page.
What I'm Reading I didn't read much last week, one little article from the AARP magazine about John Mellencamp. He used to be John Cougar Mellencamp and will always be John Cougar Mellencamp to me. He's a guy I'd like to know. Besides his songwriting skills, did you know he is a painter?
"Bear" is looking for his forever home
What I'm Watching I'm trying to finish up Season 4 of House of Cards. It's hard to sit indoors very long during summer. Those episodes are kinda long at 45 minutes. Dang.

What's On My Camera I spent a little time with a new rescue Friday night. He's an old guy but sooooo sweet.  I also snapped a couple of images of the dog who belongs to the rescuer. That time spent really fills up my cup.
"Izzie" is 7 months old and has a home!
Quote I Want to Share Painting is harder on me than being onstage. I stand 8 or 10 hours a day. I used to consider it a hobby, but now I don't. It's hard to be taken seriously because I'll always be considered a celebrity paint. Being a rock star has been a pain in the ass all around. ~ John (Cougar) Mellecamp
A Peek Into My Week I am looking forward to going to work today since I know my desk is not piled quite as high as I left it Friday. May help a friend with a photo shoot on Wednesday, music in the park on Thursday, and just random fun between now and then!
A Final Thought Need more coffee.
love, susan


  1. What is your work? I didn't know you had to deal with DUI's. Not fun! Love your final thought! Me too!

    1. I'm a legal assistant with the county prosecutor's office. I handle the Washington State Patrol docket, which is mostly DUI's. There's been an increase now with the legalization of marijuana in our state. :-(


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