Monday, June 19, 2017

Solstice Week: A Life List

Summer is Finally Here Nice weekend weather. The mornings are still cool but it has been warming up to the 80's by afternoon. It's going to 97 today followed by 93, 88, 86, and 84 on Friday. Perfect weather.
Weekend Review Another fun weekend in the bag. We got our passport photos done on Saturday so I can send in renewals on them. Someone asked where we are going. Don't know but at least we'll be ready when we decide. Father's Day dinner at friends' house and a rescue dog photo shoot early yesterday.
What I'm Learning Saying yes to fun events really fills my cup. Learning to say no at my age still sucks but I'm doing it. I say no to things I don't want to do. That's all.
What I'm Creating I boxed up some rubber stamps I no longer use and I'm going to send them to a friend. I also made a pile of birthday cards for work. I'm on the Sunshine Committee and it's my job to give a birthday card to employees. I make them with photos I've taken around the area and I always tape a little mini-size candy bar to the envelope.
What I'm Reading How to Speak Dog. 
What I'm Watching  I watched What the Health on Netflix yesterday. It is an eye opener.  You may be a little shocked when you see it and rethink those hot dogs and burgers.  I'm on my way to vegetarianism.   

What's On My Camera Oh, the dogs! I took many photos of the newest 5 year old lab who is entering rescue this week. She really lit up when another gal brought her dog to the park to join the fun photo session.  Also, I love this image I got of the old Cadillac in front of a storefront mural. A friend called it a trump l'oeil.  I had to look up that work. Google it.
Quote I'd Like to Share  In the next 25 years, one in three people will have diabetes. (From What the Health
A Peek Into My Week Meeting with a friend tonight after work to visit. Birthday party and photo shoot on Wednesday. Gonna pull some weeds.
A Final Thought  97 degrees today.  I love it!
love, susan


  1. I love summer too! Even 97* Love the dog photos. But that Cadillac in front of the mural reminds me of photos I have see of Cuba. I would love to visit Cuba!

    1. I thought of Cuba also when I saw this scene. Oh, the color is what I love the most! I know someone who went to Cuba recently. He hasn't post anything about it, darn. I would visit Cuba in a NY minute!


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