Thursday, February 23, 2017

February Post Tropical Vacation List: Jet Lag and All

Looking Out My Window I see there is a bit of frost on the windows and a clear sky full of stars. All the snow has melted and there is a promise of spring. And, layers of dog poop to pick up after the month of snow that finally melted.
As I Ponder My vacation is here and gone. I'm a former future tripper so I hadn't thought about our trip until just a week or two before we left. I tried not to have big expectations but still ... it's over now. Time to give a little thought to the next trip. Nashville in April.
What I'm Learning Jet lag is real. I don't remember experiencing jet lag before but after traveling the entire day until midnight on Tuesday, I woke up yesterday with a terrible foggy head. I called in sick and slept it off. I like to think I'm wonder woman and immune to such things but it turns out I'm not. I'm still dragging a bit this morning but I'm going to hit it hard today. I can't imagine how many 100's of emails await me at work.
What I'm Creating Well, physically I didn't create a thing last week but mentally I created some space for resting my mind. We walked an average of 6 1/2 miles every day while in Hawaii and it really helped clear my mind. I did a lot of thinking about how I need to take better care of myself and slow down a smidge. Not an easy task.
What I'm Reading I'm 2/3's finished with Megyn Kelly's Settle for More. It's an easy read and enjoyable.
What I'm Watching On the plane over to Hawaii, I watched the movie The Accountant starring Ben Affleck. Loved it!
What I'm Hearing As little as possible. I'm a little tired of the noise level in my life. While on vacation, I recognized that I need to be the controller of my filter. Negativity needs to live somewhere else.
What's On My Camera So. I dragged my Nikon 3200 over to Hawaii and about 3 days in I was ready to pitch it into the ocean. Just too heavy. I ended up using my cell phone for the few photos I took. I got some nice shots. Lesson learned.
What's Happening in My Kitchen I'm gearing up to go on the D.A.S.H. diet for two weeks to get my blood sugars under control and get on track with eating salad daily. My doctor recommended this plan several years ago and I've done it before.
A Quote I Want to Share From Megyn Kelly's book Settle for More in thinking about her job with a prestigious law firm where she was working too many hours:  "I enjoyed my colleagues and had many fun times. But it's fun swimming in the ocean, too, until suddenly you realize you might be about to drown. It's still beautiful, and the water's as blue and warm as ever, but it's up above your lips and climbing, and you quickly find  yourself desperate to get back to shore."
A Peek Into My Week This is Thursday. I just need to make it through today and tomorrow so I can regroup. I'm hoping we are going to take a road trip on Saturday to see someone special. Sunday, rest.
A Final Thought I've been running pretty hard this winter. I heard the truth when my dog trainer said my dog can sense it and that's why she's a little crazy. I serve no one well when I'm in such a hurry. My key words from here on out will be 'slow down Susan'.
love, susan

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  1. Cannot wait to hear all about your trip to Hawaii! A wonderful place to go when there is still snow on the ground in USA


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