Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mid February: Signs of Life List and Ode to Mr. Kitty

Today I went outside seeking signs of life. I found it.
As I Look Out My Window The sun finally came back. The snow is almost all gone and the forecast is promising.
As I Ponder Last week was just downright weird. I had a couple of days where I thought I might actually 'lose it'. February is my least favorite month for the weather and darkness. If the weather wasn't bad enough, I came home from work Friday and learned our cat died. He was 16 years old but still. He was really my husband's cat and he will miss him the most. Mr. Kitty lived a fat cat's life and provided us with entertainment money can't buy. That little 'sack-a-shit' (as he was fondly nicknamed) was up on the counter, lounging on the dish drying mat on Wednesday. I know. My hubby and I agree that we both want to die like he did. He just laid down under the kitchen table for a nap and didn't get up.
What I'm Learning The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to take vacations. For lack of a better term, my emotional and spiritual cup gets empty a lot quicker than it used to. When I'm tired, I need to not keep pushing myself past my limits. It serves no one.
What I'm Creating I made 55 Valentines for co-workers this week. I handwrote various quotes on every single one of them. Whether or not they are appreciated matters not to me. I enjoyed making them more than I can even say. I love V day.

What I'm Reading Up next: Megyn Kelly's Settle for More.

What I'm Watching We are still watching Shameless on Netflix. We watched two movies over the weekend ... Frankie & Johnny and American Experience X. Both good movies.

What I'm Hearing The temps finally warmed up so I'm hearing other things than the heater fan. I can't wait to see my electric bill for January.

What's On My Camera I went out today and found signs of life. It really cheered me up to see the crocus coming up and that my cactus made it through this harsh winter.

What's Happening in My Kitchen Nothing to write about.

A Quote I Want to Share What you seek is seeking you. ~ Rumi

A Peek Into My Week The weather will be turning tropical for me.

A Final Thought Want what you have.

love, susan

Mr. Kitty


  1. Ah so sorry about your cat. But I agree with you about that being the best way to die. Just go to sleep easily! We have been enjoying some good weather here but I know it won't last. I need a vacation too. My emotional and spiritual cup is almost empty!!

  2. Such a beautiful cat. What a way to go.

    55 Valentines = Signs of true self x 55.

    Be well.


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