Thursday, February 27, 2014

Whipper Snappers Unite

Throwback Thursdays has recently caused me to dig out my photo albums and take a look back.  There is a bit of dust on my picture books and quite frankly I've never been one to sit down and pour over my old photos too much. I suppose some therapist somewhere might have a $175/hour take on that. Whatever.

I'm here to tell you (and any armchair therapists out there) that I have the world by the tail and it is today that I'm living in.

Having said that, when I pulled out this photo, I was super thrilled that I had written the date on the back. July 1987.  Oh, how I wish I had written where it was taken and for what event I was lucky enough to be sittin' next to my grandma (aka "love with skin"). For the life of me, I cannot recall this setting. Could be the great little Chinese restaurant in McMinnville, OR where she loved to treat us for dinner when we visited.  Could have been Fairbanks. I can't remember.  When I did the math this morning, this picture was taken 24 years ago. Just yesterday, really.

I'm writing to suggest that you young whipper snappers (pun intended) be sure to document your photos. We are in an age of very fast technology and there doesn't seem to be much care given to documenting the photos we snap. This blog has been the best I can do to keep up since I've gone digital. 

Do you print your photos?  Do you have a blog?  24 years from now, will you know much about the photo you took today?  I am living proof that time flies when you are having fun.  Don't get caught with a photo in your hand like I did this morning, wishing you could remember just a little more detail.

love, susan


  1. Isn't it funny how we think we will ALWAYS remember each detail. I think the only dates on my pictures are because my momma told me to. Lol...NOW I KNOW!!! I went through a scrapbook phase so some of those have more detail...but, not much. Happy Day lovely lady!!!

  2. Well said. I like to take a picture now and then but have no habit, culture or discipline as to documenting them. A case in point. A picture of me and my nephew Chris, he might have been nine at the time, (he is now 50) shooting .22 rifles from a rail road grade somewhere. He remembers a wonderful time with his uncle Art. I remember nothing about it and have not the slightest idea where the picture was taken. We always think we will remember. I guess I don't.

    Maybe worse than that are the boxes of prints that I have inherited with family pictures of folks about which I know nothing. The pictures of the people in the framed photos it turns out were the pictures that were in the frames when I got them at the five and dime; that mystery is solved. I have all the pictures moldering in the garage and while I do not value them I can't bring myself to throw them out as this seems somehow taboo.

  3. At least you knew who was in the picture. its a who what and where thing we need to do.

  4. Good advice! I've come across so many pictures and no info on the back and I'm left wondering who, what, when, where, how?? And I love the description of your grandmother: "love with skin". BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. I totally agree, Susan. I inherited several books of old pictures from my mother and there were no notations or anything and of course I didn't know these people at all, or at least didn't recognize them. I have tried to write on the back of photos but I don't do actual printed photos much anymore unless it is to put them into an art project or a scrapbook. Then there is usually a story around them. Great blog!

  6. Love it. The hair and dress just screams the 80's!


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