Sunday, February 9, 2014

Just Shoot Me Now

Thank goodness I have some animated subjects to practice shooting with my new camera.  Although I've grown quite bored with the cat pics, Mr. Kitty is so photogenic that I can't resist taking one more image of him. 
I was surprised by how much my dogs loved playing in the snow today. Wishing I had thought to go out with them sooner, before the light got iffy. Truth is, I couldn't stand the thought of getting cold. All I could think about today was how I could convince hubby to move us back to Arizona. Seriously. I go through this every February.
So, we got a bit of snow over the last three days. Our car has not moved since I parked it Thursday night. To say I'm suffering from cabin fever would be an understatement.
  • I took a bubble bath.
  • I watched Olympic cross country skiing ... zzzzzz.
  • I cooked a pot of ham & beans, corn bread and zucchini cake.
  • I read half a book.
  • I cleaned my oven. You say what? Please, somebody, just shoot me.
  • I finally got around to watching the short video Nikon sent with my new camera. Not all that helpful but it took up 10 minutes of my otherwise boring life today.
  • I wrote this post.
Speaking of taking up time, I saw an interview of Brian Botano, the ice skater who took a gold medal 26 years ago. "Twenty six years ago", I yelled out loud to the tv.  My husband, who is nine years my senior, laughed at me.  "It goes fast, don't it?" Thank goodness he is blazing the trail of oldness for me. Everything I'm feeling today? He's already been there, done that.
This may have been the catalyst for the tears that came a little later this afternoon while lazing in my lazy-girl chair, feeling sorry myself. 
Yeah, it goes fast and I feel like I pissed it away today. If I had a do-over, I may have skipped cleaning the oven.
Luckily, I have very few days like this. I usually have all kinds of things lined up to do and not enough weekend. Fun things, that is. Next week we are heading to the beach. And the weekend after that, I've got friends coming over for fondue. And the weekend after that we are going on vacation.
Tough weekend. I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow.
How about you? Ever wish somebody would just shoot you?
love, susan


  1. Clever title! My mind went right to "the weather is killing me" haha! Love the animal pics!

  2. Winter is tough, but soon enough the sun will be out and the snow will be gone. At least that's what I keep telling myself!

  3. I was just feeling appreciate for being HOME for the weekend! Sleeping in my own bed. It's sunny here but cold. Single digits cold. I don't mind though, I can dress for it unlike Florida and Washington.


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