Friday, February 28, 2014

Road Traveling 101

We're going. Come hell or high water ... and high water is more likely than hell, according to the weather forecast.  Being the non-future-tripper that I am, I won't bore you with all the Plan A, Plan B, Plan C's we have in mind.  We make plans, but we never plan the outcome. Ever.  Since we've been married, traveling has been the hugest joy in my life. I've written quite a few posts of the great adventures we've been on. This trip is going to be just another journey.

How do you pack for that, you ask.

Well, in the twelve years of traveling like this, I've learned a few tricks that have helped me keep from going over the deep endl. I (we) still experience a minute or two of downright bitchiness a few hours before departure but we've learned that this is part of our process, and we've learned to trust the process. Once we get in the car and snap in the seat belts, all is forgiven. Prior to that, it is a little chaotic but here are the tips I have to pass on if you are prone to pre-travel jitters.

  • STAGING AREA:  Make a central spot in your house where everything goes that's going with you. Nothing goes there except the items that are going on your trip.  As you think of stuff you wanna take, just put it there. Don't give it another thought until it's time to reel it all in and figure out how you're gonna load it in the car.
  • ODD STUFF: Try to remember the stuff you always forget and put it there first.  For us, it's binoculars. This may be the first trip ever where we have remembered them. We may never get them out once to use them, but we'll have them.
  • JAVA EQUIPMENT:  Take a coffee pot, a thermos and cups. This has saved us a little money and really just is a necessity for big coffee drinkers like us. We enjoy a cuppa joe in the comfort of our motel room while heating up the thermos for another pot to go in.  If you don't heat up your thermos before you put the coffee in, you should try it. Your coffee will stay steaming hot for at least 500 miles.  
  • LEGAL DOCS: Put your passports there too. You never know when you might be close the border and wouldn't you just hate to miss out on fish tacos or french fries with gravy, depending on which border you end up at?
  • CLOTHES:  Roll your clothes up when you pack them. They won't wrinkle and you can get more in. This trip, I'm taking the backpack I bought for Mexico City. Much easier in and out of the car than a suitcase. If you forget something or hate what you have in your bag, you can always buy something new. 
  • MEDICATION: This should really be at the top of the list. Over the years, we've discovered we can buy anything we need on the road but medications not so much. 
  • SUNGLASSES: I hope to always be going someplace sunny. I have the ones that turn dark but hubby has a separate pair and for him they are only second in importance to medications.
  • FAVORITE PILLOW: We always take my hubby's pillow cuz he sleeps better with it. I can sleep anywhere, on anything and make my coat into a pillow.
  • CASHOLA:  Try to hit the bank early in the week before your vaca. Saves time.
  • SNACKS: We try to take healthy snacks so we're not tempted to stop and buy chocolate and chips. Sometimes we fail, but we try. Bananas, apples, granola, pudding packs, etc. Don't forget spoons/forks and a knife for whatever reason.
  • GAS UP: Do this the night before. We are just so slap-happy to get on the road that filling up is a huge bummer first thing out of the gate. I just wanna goooooooo!
  • MAP: We have a gazillion of them but sometimes forget to include it. Not this time.
  • CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE AT THE DOOR:  Dude, you're on vacation. Be happy ... don't worry.  It's all good.
 Do you like road traveling?  What tips have I missed?  I'll be checking in with you from the road!  Leave me a comment so I'll know you're with me!

love, susan


  1. Yep! You covered it! It is harder for me to take road trip now days but with a little extra planning and help, I still manage to make it happen.

  2. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I wanna go on another trip but happy for you. I find if I dont have it I dont need it most times. Camera first on list. Clean undies for 3 days and washy washy. Jeans can wear forever and ever. Never take enough cloths that way can hit the second hand shops. I took too much with me last trip I made. Next time I am gonna take just 2 days stuff and wing it.

    1. I packed too much this time. Darn it.


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