Friday, September 13, 2013

Ode to Dogs

Hubby took the dogs to the kennel early yesterday so he could pack and we could leave early this morning for a camping trip. When I got home from I knew it would be weird to not have them under foot but I was not prepared for the depression that hit me sideways. That feeling didn't last too long as I told myself it is only for three days. I lived for 7 years in Arizona without dogs, I can do this for three days.

When we headed for bed, I realized I'd get almost the whole bed to myself for once! But I gotta tell you that it felt sad not having my "Remi" there with her long schnauz (nose) resting in the crook of my neck.  I freakin' love this dog.
I even kinda missed their annoying barking this morning. When that alarm goes off, they are ready to go out and play, eat and play some more.
Dogs give meaning to life. I feel sorry for people who don't have them.
They do cramp our style sometimes but I can't imagine a life without fur friends.
Sometimes I feel guilty because my old girl, Missy, doesn't get to go places with us anymore because it is just not possible to take three. I sometimes say to myself, "she's just a dog" ... and then I see into her eyes ... like the way she is looking at me in this photo and I know that's a silly statement.  Just a dog? With those eyes?
Well, gotta go now. The beach awaits.
love, susan

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