Thursday, September 5, 2013

Never Quit Quitting

It's been kind of a messed up week but getting better by the minute. I got in to see my doctor late yesterday and I knew it wasn't going to be stellar news. I had blood work done over a month ago and was really putting off going in to have "the talk" with him.
I have the best doctor ever. Or maybe I've become a better patient. No, that's not it. He's really great!  He listens to me and waits for me to finish my thoughts before he fires back his medical opinion in his gentle, human-to-human manner. I dig that.  And he writes the truth on my paperwork. No sugar coating. He wishes I would give up the sugar, as a matter of fact. My blood work is not great and he lectures me every time I go in. I feel bad for the man because he must feel like it falls on deaf ears. But it doesn't.
My husband has a saying that I constantly have in my head ... "never quit quitting".  Whatever it is I'm trying to give up, I need to not give up on giving up.
So ... I promised myself I'd get on that treadmill this morning ... and I did.  And, I'm going to write a thank you note to my doctor today.  Thank you for telling me to lose weight. I need to hear it. Thank you for telling me to change my eating habits. Thank you for reminding me to get regular exercise ... I can never hear this enough. And thank you for asking me just one more time to start taking cholesterol-busting medication.  He hasn't given up on me and I think I won't give up on me either.

love, susan

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